Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

Judy Hall

In this book, best-selling occultist and crystal expert Judy Hall provides a basic primer on crystal skulls - what they are, where they are found, their role in legend and lore around the world and their possible uses for physical and psychic healing as well as an examination of the prominent “skull keepers” of the past 100 years. Finally she explains to readers how to use and communicate with a crystal skull and how to select one that is right for them..



 Rex Van Ryn , Andy Letcher & Steve Dooley

· Dynamic, graphic-novel style design
· Each card has a secret code
· This complete tarot set includes a 160 page book and 78 cards.

This captivating new tarot deck draws us into the vibrant but, often, hidden world of English magic, evoking a golden age of mysticism when the likes of John Dee was Queen Elizabeth's Court Astrologer, antiquarian, John Aubrey, began to rediscover ancient sacred sites and even the great physicist Isaac Newton studied alchemy. During this time of upheaval, archetypal forces were very much at play. The monarchs and mountebanks, visionaries and fools, knights and vagabonds that shaped the world are all there in the tarot too, making this a perfect setting for the cards.



 The Search for Camelot and the Isle of Avalon

Graham Phillips


Recently featured in the Daily Mail and on the BBC website, Graham Phillip's new book on possibly finding the actual burial place of King Arthur is starting to shake up the archeaological world. Coupled with new finding of a possible birthplace for King Arthur on the Tintagel Peninsula in Cornwall, the possibility of new historical evidence coming to light is extremely exciting. 

“It is showing there could indeed be some truth behind the earliest stories about King Arthur’s birth at Tintagel,” Graham Phillips, author of “The Lost Tomb of King Arthur,” tells Tom Rowley and Nicola Harley at The Telegraph. “If nothing else, it means the legend about where Arthur was born isn’t so fanciful after all and deserves further investigation. It is going to start a whole new line of investigation by historians.

In his new book Phillips examines the earliest stories of Arthur as well as previously unknown ancient manuscripts preserved in the vaults of the British Library in London, such as the work of the 9th-century monk, Nennius, to pinpoint the exact locations of Arthur's tomb, the ruins of Camelot and the sword Excalibur.


Jaguar Man

Lara Naughton

  “This is a marvelous book, written with the deft hand of a journalist and told with the grip of an old-fashioned storyteller. ”—James McBride, National Book Award-winning author of the The Good Lord Bird


On the fourth day of what Lara thought would be two weeks of bliss in Belize, she was kidnapped and assaulted by a man pretending to be a cabdriver. Held in the depths of the tropical forest—alone with the Jaguar Man—she found that compassion was her only defense.

Lara’s survival and journey of healing is poignant, compelling, and exceptional. Bending the limits of reality, she uses myth to process her experience. As Lara seeks a new understanding of herself, her lyrical, haunting prose reveals a belief that there is room for compassion—for self and and others—even in the midst of violence.


"A painful, provocative, and poetically cathartic memoir of survival."
Kirkus Reviews

 "Naughton delivers a powerful and disturbing message to both men and women on the trauma of rape."
—The Library Journal


 "Despite the horrific experience at this memoir's core, Naughton's gift for language, symbolism, metaphor, allegory, and myth gives readers the stark, unblinking horror, while also transforming that into something artful and beautiful."
—The New York Journal of Books


In this LitCast, Lara Naughton discusses her recovery from abduction and assault as well as the work she does to help others with similar experiences in her memoir, "The Jaguar Man."

Many thanks to the Publishers Weekly PW LitCast podcasts!


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