Fat Cat Art

 Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat     £12.99  Paperback

Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude


What Matters Most

James Hollis     £13.99  Paperback

Living a More Considered Life

Taking a fresh look at the concept of happiness, Hollis uses a warm, accessible tone to encourage readers to learn to tolerate ambiguity, embrace growth rather than security, respect the power of Eros, engage spiritual crises and acknowledge the shadow of mortality. Providing inspiring wisdom and personal reflections to address our deepest worries, WHAT MATTERS MOST yields far more than mere self-help clichés...


I, I, I!

Stuart K. Robinson     £23.00  Hardback

  The “New Rules of Thinking” and the Simple Secrets to Living a Rich, Joyous and Fulfilled Life

Author and motivational speaker Stuart K Robinson shares his “New Rules of Thinking” to examine the futility of trying to alter the system, your boss, your significant other or your life when the most powerful and painless way to effect change is to adjust your beliefs, your blueprint, your actions... yourself. Outlining the fundamental modes of thinking that will empower any person to overcome the boundaries that limit possibility, IT ALL BEGINS WITH "I” frees the reader from the non-productive thoughts and behaviours that actually create obstacles.

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Amy McCready     £23.00  Hardback

 A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World.

Whenever Amy McCready mentions the “entitlement epidemic” to a group of parents, she is inevitably met with rolling eyes, nodding heads and loaded comments about affected children. It seems everywhere one looks there are toddlers who only behave in the supermarket for a treat, narcissistic teenagers posting selfies across all forms of social media and adult children living off their parents.

Now get some answers and guidance!