by Jenny Kempe   £5.99   Hardback

 Let the Penguin show you how!

Jenny Kempe's sweet penguins illustrate a rhyming message for anyone facing a new life experience.

It's good to set goals and spread your wings; you're off to do remarkable things. Find something that makes you tick, and work hard to make it stick. What makes your heart really sing? Do more of that than anything. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there will be an adventure waiting for you.

With this keepsake edition, you are giving the gift of profound insight and bold inspiration in a delightfully portable package..

This book also features a cat!



A Guide to Radical and Complete Forgiveness

by Richard Smoley   £8.99   Hardback

 Here is the greatest “deal” you will ever find: This concise, deeply practical guide shows how to forgive anyone who has ever hurt you and to receive a payback of enormous personal satisfaction and inner peace. 

“What I am offering you in this book is the best deal you have ever gotten in your life or ever will. Even though I know nothing about you, I'm willing to make this claim with complete certainty.”

A widely respected spiritual writer and thinker, Richard Smoley doesn't hand you the standard promise that this book will change your life. When you finish it, he concludes: “It already has changed your life.”  This is the simple, radical truth of THE DEAL.




The Human Era and How It Shapes the Planet

By Christian Schwäger  £16.99  Paperback  9780907791553

(also available in Hardback  £24.00   9780907791546)

 "...intellectually exciting book...shows us how we humans turn our relationship with Nature upside down.” -- Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP)

"Schwagerl may not be summoning the apocalypse so much as ringing in the Sunrise World as a Green Utopian.” -- Jeanne Rubner, Süddeutsche Zeitung

"...skillfully investigated, and an invitation to join a dawning Age of Humans, where our total responsibility is fundamental to life itself.” -- Prof. Dr. Reinhold Leinfelder, Former CEO of Berlin's Museum of Natural History and advisor to the German government on global environmental change

Listen about the Anthropocene on BBC Radio

Click here to read the article in 'The Independent' newspaper.




by Keith Souter   £8.99   Paperback

 This book is so good the 'Daily Mail' are about to serialise some extracts.

There is an average of one new case of dementia every four seconds.*

Dementia encompasses a range of brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.They cause cognitive impairment and are much more likely to occur with age. Dementia has a serious effect on the lives of not only its sufferers, but also has a significant impact on their family and friends.

This book gives the basic information needed to understand what dementia is, how to recognise it and, most essentially, how to deal with it, including details on:

• The different types of dementia, risk factors and investigation

• The various treatments and supports available

• Daily living, diet, exercise and attitude.



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