Daily Journal For Your Soul 2015

by Cheryl Thiele


 Seasoned and novice journal keepers alike will find this easy to use, award-winning combination journal and appointment calendar as inspiring as it is functional.
It is a powerful tool for transformation, record important events, thoughts and feelings, with an emphasis on honouring your spiritual path and personal growth. 



 The Unexpected Benefits of Life's Difficulties, Setbacks, and Imperfections

 Norman E. Rosenthal

 Adversity is an irreducible fact of life. Although we can and, should, learn from all experiences, both positive and negative, bestselling author, Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, believes that adversity is by far the best teacher most of us will ever encounter. Rosenthal illustrates his message through a series of compact, memorable chapters, each one drawn from episodes in the lives of his patients, colleagues or himself and concluded with a take-away maxim on the lesson learned. .

October brings a Magical True Story


The True Story of an Orphaned Black Rhino

Writen by Jack Jones and

Illustrated by Jacqui Taylor

This October a new kid hits the block! Chizi, an orphaned black rhino arrives to enchant us with his true and heartwarming story.

In Zimbabwe, during a recent August, two park rangers made a surprising discovery. They found an abandoned baby black rhino, only days old. They called the park manager who, knowing the rhino could not survive alone, did something as surprising as the discovery itself – he took the baby rhino home.

CHIZI'S TALE is the true story of that baby rhino. Chizi will live with the park manager, his wife and their children until he matures and can be released back into the wild.

I defy anyone not to be enchanted by the beautiful illustrations and this wonderful and uplifting story. (Alan, deep books

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