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An Introduction to his Interspiritual Thought

Wayne Teasdale

Bede Griffiths - English Benedictine monk and lifelong friend of C. S. Lewis who was his tutor at Oxford - wrote in 1955 to a friend: 'I'm going out to India to seek the other half of my soul'. There he explored the intersection of Hinduism and Christianity and was a driving force behind the growth of inter-spiritual awareness so common today yet almost unheard of half a century ago.

Wayne Teasdale a long-time personal friend and student of Griffiths provides readers with an intriguing view into the thoughts beliefs and life of this champion of inter-religious acceptance and harmony. This volume is the first in-depth study of Bede Griffiths' contemplative experience and thought.

Fully exploring the antecedents and development of Griffiths' theory that the Christian mystery can be expressed through the worldview of Hinduism, BEDE GRIFFITHS is a vital starting point for any spiritual seeker who wants to understand the shared territories of these two great faiths.
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781893361775
ISBN 10: 1893361772
Imprint: Jewish Lights Publishing
Published: 18/08/2003
Format: Paperback