Mantak Chia

Long before the advent of firearms Iron Shirt Chi Kung a form of Kung Fu built powerful bodies able to withstand hand-to-hand combat. Even then however martial use was only one aspect of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and today its aspects remain vitally significant for anyone seeking better health a sound mind and spiritual growth. In IRON SHIRT CHI KUNG Master Manak Chia introduces this ancient practice that strengthens the internal organs establishes roots to the earth's energy and unifies physical mental and spiritual health. Through a unique system of breathing exercises he demonstrates how to permanently pack concentrated air into the connective tissues (the fasciae) surrounding vital organs making them nearly impervious to injuries - a great benefit to athletes and other performers. He shows readers how once they root themselves in the earth they can direct its gravitational and healing power throughout their bone structure. Additionally Master Chia presents postural forms muscle-tendon meridians and guidelines for developing a daily practice routine. After becoming rooted and responsive practitioners of IRON SHIRT CHI KUNG can then focus on higher spiritual work.
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781594771040
ISBN 10: 1594771049
Imprint: Destiny Books
Published: 13/03/2006
Format: Paperback