Personal Genetic Health 21st Century Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Vincent Giampapa Fred Buechel and Ohan Karatoprak

We are all familiar with TV shows like CSI' and Law & Order where an individual is identified by their DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid is the chemical inside the nucleus of all cells that carries the genetic instructions that makes each individual unique. Aging occurs in DNA as newly forming cells take their identity from their predecessors in a process analogous to photocopying. Over time environmental pollution dietary factors lifestyle issues and genetic inheritance erode the cellular infrastructure. As the quality of the new cells degrades the molecules nutrients and chemicals that circulate in and among the cells become deficient. This causes a breakdown in functions throughout the body and promotes aging. Thanks to the latest advances in genetic science we no longer have to be victims of our genetic inheritance. Dr. Giampapa and other researchers have developed a new concept of health called Personal Genetic Health (PGH). This pioneering PGH programme is based on determining what's needed to promote each individual's health and longevity. By identifying the functioning of five key groups of health control genes and then influencing their favorable expression people can lead longer disease-free lives. This new frontier of healthcare includes gene testing followed by nutrition and lifestyle programmes to increase lifespan and decrease the risk of developing certain diseases. This book shows how people can personally direct and monitor their own health and become proactive in optimising their quality of life. The book's purpose is to help people become less dependent on the health care system that focuses on the symptoms of disease and aging rather than the causes of both.
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781591201984
ISBN 10: 1591201985
Imprint: Basic Health Publications
Published: 30/11/2007
Format: Hardback