A Story of Fatherhood, Fate and Forgiveness

Dirk Benedict

From actor Dirk Benedict comes this brilliant autobiographical telling of two unique and engrossing events that had an enormous impact on his life. He intertwines the story of his wife's unexpectedly complicated home birth with his own coming of age in Montana - and the violent death of his father. Past events of love, friendship, hatred and fatherhood culminate in a dramatic explosion before him, linking his father's death with the birth of his first child.

Benedict's writing style is lively, creative and always engaging. His use of humour, pathos, and imagery is masterful. He has taken two rites of passage in his life and woven them together to produce a story that is every bit as entertaining as it is moving.

Given Dirk's unique storytelling ability and well-honed sense of timing, AND THEN WE WENT FISHING will keep you hooked from page one to its powerful, poignant conclusion.
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780757003028
ISBN 10: 0757003028
Imprint: Square One Publishing
Published: 22/04/2008
Format: Paperback