Writings By and About America's Sensitive of the Century

Frank Tribbe

Who is Arthur Ford? The medium..the catalyst...the unwilling Elijah…the man. Even those who knew him well struggle with this question. Now more than a quarter century after his death in 1971 this anthology brings together a variety of perspectives to give us a fascinating picture of an extraordinary and complicated man. His unrivalled talent as a medium catapulted him into fame and his life was shaped by his efforts to understand and make peace with this gift. The veracity of the information he offered during trance was confirmed over and over yet there always lingered that shadow of a doubt. Are these suspicions well founded or they the result of our own reluctance to accept the possibility that life continues after death?
Pages: 190
ISBN: 9781577330363
ISBN 10: 1577330366
Imprint: Blue Dolphin Publishing
Published: 26/11/1999
Format: Paperback