The 17th Century Manual on the Art of Concealment

Master Natori Masazumi

Experts in disguise, infiltration, espionage and counterintelligence, the ninja had spiritual values and magical traditions that distinguished them from the soldierlike samurai. Their art of ninjutsu, invisible as well as indispensable, was transmitted in secret schools and relied on only a few books, which were written in code.

The SHONINKI, one of the most important of these coded manuals, was written in 1681 by Master Ninja Natori Masazumi. Presenting all facets of the art of concealment, espionage and physical prowess, including methods of disguise and survival techniques, this source text, also, contains teachings on spiritual meditations, psychic powers, the art of face reading, controlling the emotions and magic spells. Revealing the connection between the ninja and the yamabushi - warrior monks who were endowed with supernatural powers - this classic text confirms the path of the ninja as an authentic spiritual discipline, one of self-realisation and detachment and the way to mind-body harmony.

The path of the ninja as an authentic spiritual discipline
Details the art of concealment and espionage, including methods of
disguise, survival techniques and face reading
A ninja response to the samurai Bushido and the way to mind body
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781594773433
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Imprint: Destiny Books
Published: 30/09/2010
Format: Hardback