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The First Book of the Earth Chronicles
Zecharia Sitchin

Over the years, startling evidence has been unearthed, challenging established notions of the origins of Earth and life on it, and suggesting the existence of a superior race of beings who once inhabited our world. The product of thirty years of intensive research, The 12th Planet is the first book in Zecharia Sitchin's prophetic Earth Chronicles series--a revolutionary body of work that offers indisputable documentary proof of humanity's extraterrestrial forefathers. Travelers from the stars, they arrived eons ago, and planted the genetic seed that would ultimately blossom into a remarkable species...called Man.

The 12th Planet brings to life the Sumerian civilization, presenting millennia-old evidence of the existence of Nibiru, the home planet of the Anunnaki, and of the landings of the Anunnaki on Earth every 3,600 years, and reveals a complete history of the solar system as told by these early visitors from another planet.

Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series, with millions of copies sold worldwide, deal with the history and prehistory of Earth and humankind. Each book in the series is based upon information written on clay tablets by the ancient civilizations of the Near East. The series is offered here, for the first time, in highly readable, hardbound collector's editions with enhanced maps and diagrams.
ISBN: 9780939680887
ISBN 10: 0939680882
2012 £12.99

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Science or Superstition (The Definitive Guide to the Doomsday Phenomenon)
Alexandra Bruce

The expanded companion book to the #1 documentary film about 2012!
The 2012 meme has evolved beyond any debates about the relevance of the Maya Long Count calendar to the lives of contemporary human beings. 2012 is about us on planet Earth at this time.
December 21, 2012: will the world really change forever on this date, the end of a 5,125-year calendar last used over a thousand years ago?
Certainly Hollywood would like you to think so. Indeed, a not-so-small industry has arisen around the date, hawking everything from t-shirts to teleseminars.
Clearing a path between fantasy and reality, Alexandra Bruce surveys the entire 2012 landscape, asking questions such as
Is the Earth losing its Mojo
How did 2012 come to mean "The End of Time"?
Did psychedelics facilitate the Maya "Cosmovision"?
Should we worry about Earth Crustal Displacement?
What the hell is "Planet X"?
Uniquely amongst a vast array of 2012 literature, this book features interviews with the leading experts—including Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck and many others—and insightful, detailed analysis of the broad spectrum of opinion, debate, research and myth regarding the most compelling "end times" prediction of the 21st century.
ISBN: 9781934708286
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A Guide to the End of the World
Alexander Price

Many people in the ancient world saw human life as deeply connected with the great cycles of nature: the rising and setting of the sun, the changing of the seasons, the death and rebirth of vegetation. In the
same way that other patterns in nature repeat at regular intervals, they believed that human history also goes through cycles in which significant events repeat, and are likely to happen again in the future
at predictable times. A penetrating study into the history of astrology, ancient religion, secret societies and the evolution of consciousness, 2012 and the Shift of Ages: A Guide to the End of the World is sure to be an invaluable resource in navigating a time of difficult transitions.
ISBN: 9781935487012
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2013 £13.99
The End Of Days Or A New Beginning Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012
Marie D Jones

The 5,125-year long Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, which many claim portends a massive global transformation. Some dread its arrival, believing it will be the beginning of the end. Others await it with delicious anticipation, expecting it to be the catalyst for a quantum leap of consciousness, the dawning of a true New Age. Others wonder if anything at all will occur - remember Y2K? 2013: THE END OF DAYS OR A NEW BEGINNING? examines all of the popular myths, prophecies and predictions circulating about 2012, including the Mayan teachings of time acceleration and global awakening on a consciousness level. Furthermore it takes an in-depth look at lesser-known predictions and prophecies, and at the more scientific and reality-based challenges we will face.

Some of the questions this book explores include:

· Will cosmic and earthly chaos disrupt our lives with destructive sunspot cycles, volcanic super-eruptions, monster storms, mass extinctions and asteroid threats?
· Will huge leaps in technology create bionic humans, computers that think, and an end to all disease - possibly even death itself?
· Will this be the evolution revolution of human consciousness or the final countdown that leads to Armageddon itself?
· Will it be the apocalypse so many have feared or the rebirth of the world and the transformation of humanity?
ISBN: 9781601630070
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2038 £14.99
The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy
John Van Auken

John Van Auken explores the Great Pyramid's timeline prophecy, correlating the passageways and chambers in the Great Pyramid with the chapters and verses in the original Egyptian Book of the Dead. Also presented is the perspective on ancient Egyptian views of the human journey, which includes life beyond death and a map of other realms that our souls experience.
ISBN: 9780876046999
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When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact
Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel Foreword by Jim Marrs

What if UFO secrecy ended tomorrow? The transition from B.C. (Before Confirmation) to A.D. (After Disclosure) is the ultimate “what if?” scenario in which the calendar is reset and history begins again.

This work of speculative non-fiction combines meticulous fact-finding from historian/researcher, Richard M. Dolan and forward-leaning scenarios from journalist/screenwriter, Bryce Zabel, on the world's most mind-bending subject. The authors predict radical changes after official acknowledgment that at least some UFOs are intelligently controlled craft from somewhere other than Earth.

A.D. AFTER DISCLOSURE isn't afraid to make mind-blowing, specific predictions, such as:
· Congress will hold Watergate-style hearings and ask
secret-keepers, “What did you know and when did you know it?”
· The first decade A.D. (After Disclosure) will be like a high-tech
1960s, spawning massive cultural and social change.
· Abductees will file a class-action suit against the government for
withholding critical information.
· All the textbooks on planet Earth - from history to science - will
need an immediate review.

Whether disclosure leads to social panic or ushers in a new era of unity and peace, it will undoubtedly be a game-changing event.
ISBN: 9781601632227
ISBN 10:
Legend Comes to Life
Ivan T. Sanderson

Do Abominable Snowmen exist? Prepare yourself for a shock. In the opinion of one of the world's leading naturalists, not one, but possibly four separate kinds of yeti still walk the earth! Factual reports of wild, strange, hairy men have emanated from every continent except Australia and the Antarctic! Do they really live on the fringes of the towering Himalayas and the edge of myth-haunted Tibet? They do, but we are far more likely to catch one in the impenetrable Klamath Forests of Northern California. Now, at last, Ivan Sanderson, who has been accumulating material for 30 years on this subject, explains in clear language just why no Snowman has ever been captured and kept for a zoo or a museum - though one was caught during the last century, in Canada.
ISBN: 9781931882583
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Uncover the Mysteries of the Digital Age
Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs can justifiably be considered the world's leading conspiracy author, with multimillion bestsellers like Alien Agenda, Rule by Secrecy, and the book that Oliver Stone used as a basis for his JFK movie, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy.
Now Marrs has allied with the web's most popular conspiracy forum to investigate everything from chemtrails to the Nazis' Antarctic base, moon landing hoaxes to UFOs, God as an alien to the end of the world in 2012. is the Internet's largest and most popular discussion board community, with more than twelve million page views per month. It is dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of "alternative topics" such as conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics. AboveTopSecret's popular podcast is downloaded tens of millions of times per month.

Marrs brings his rigorous journalist's credentials to bear on these topics and more, asking (and often answering) the essential who, what, when, where, why, and how questions in compelling, page-turning fashion.
ISBN: 9781934708095
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The Disinformation Guide to Media Mirages and Establishment Lies
Russ Kick Introduction by Richard Metzger

The third of Russ Kick's bestselling Disinformation Guides gathers another all-star line-up of exposés:

Juries have ruled in recent trials that Watergate was really about a Democratic Party prostitution ring.
Ignored in the U.S. and distorted elsewhere, the Milosevic tribunal hasn't gone the way authorities were anticipating. (We present exclusive first-hand reporting from the trial).
Most theologians don't believe in the physical Resurrection of Jesus.
In 2001, the U.S. uncovered the biggest spy ring in the country since WWII, yet most people never heard about it.
The U.S. is engaging in bioweapons research that violates international treaties and federal law. (The New York Times knows about this but refuses to report it).
Teddy Roosevelt and Wall Street created Panama for profit.
Gandhi wasn't so wonderful, after all.

These are just some of the revelations in the third of our all-star anthologies.

Following up on bestsellers You Are Being Lied To and Everything You Know Is Wrong, editor Russ Kick has again assembled a line-up of leading investigative journalists, academics, activists, commentators, and independent researchers, covering CIA assassinations, the anthrax attacks, fluoride, TWA 800, Abraham Lincoln, child protective services, the tobacco industry, forgotten uprisings, the government's missing trillions, even more revelations about 9/11 and much more.

Contributors include Gary Webb, Greg Palast, Noreena Hertz, Howard Zinn, Douglas Valentine, Jim Hougan, Kristina Borjesson, Arianna Huffington and many more well-known writers--some of whom you'll be extremely surprised to see in these pages!
ISBN: 9780971394247
ISBN 10:

William Eisen

An account of Agasha, information about the predynastic civilisation, predictions of the return of the Atlanteans and the coming Golden Age of Peace.

In this book, the bulk of his philosophical thoughts like the laws governing humankind and our relationship with God are given. Agasha's fascinating lectures, through the mediumship of Richard Zenor are carefully detailed and recorded in William Eisen's books and have brought many students into a state of understanding of their purpose on the earth plane.
ISBN: 9780875162416
ISBN 10: 087516241X
The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported
Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner

Why would two women separated by thousands of miles share a common thread involving alien abduction? Both cases are supported by multiple witnesses and have substantial evidence. Both women experienced missing time while driving with a companion and were later taken from their homes. Both have been unwilling participants in ongoing experimental procedures that appear to follow family genetic lines. Both witnesses have given detailed descriptions of the crafts' interiors and technology, medical procedures, messages from the visitors and the types of ETs they have encountered, including their society's hierarchical structure. Even more startling, both have independently described finding themselves on identical huge craft, within the same timeframe.


· The little-known details of alien experimental procedures
· The theoretical science that can explain alien technology
· The messages conveyed by the ETs to abduction experiencers
· The vulnerabilities and benefits of living life as an abduction
· The evidence that these phenomena are real
ISBN: 9781601632715
ISBN 10:
The UFO Truth Lost in Time
Jesse Marcel

The most enigmatic and universally known UFO incident in history needs only one name - ROSWELL. Roswell will never fade as it represents the true ushering in of the UFO phenomenon for time immemorial. Dwarfing Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" in national and then international hysteria, Roswell was an unparalleled turning point for all of mankind because for the first time almost every man, woman and child on earth was faced with the reality that we are not alone in the universe. In early July, 1947 Major Jesse Marcel, commander of the most technologically advanced bomb group in the world, discovered the crash site of a downed UFO in the New Mexico desert following a harrowing and record breaking storm. Out of honor and duty to his country, Major Marcel was to become the scapegoat for the largest disinformation cover-up effort in world history. What he saw would be a secret he would keep for many years - knowledge about the crash itself and the ensuing battle to keep the incident covered-up by government and military factions. Roswell would be forever entwined in not just Major Marcel's life but that of his children and grandchildren for generations to come. Today Jesse Marcel III, the grandson of Major Jesse Marcel, tells his grandfather's story and reveals what has continued to haunt his family for over sixty years - the legacy of Roswell. This deluxe graphic style novel is complete with stunning full color illustrations by renowned illustrator Randy Haragan.

Witnesses are now telling the truth. The deathbed confessions are staggering --Nick Pope, Former UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defence

The evidence is overwhelming, something happened in Roswell,something so paramount that it holds the key to understanding ourselves. --O H Krill, author of Montauk Babies
ISBN: 9781934588840
ISBN 10:
The Brotherhood of the Serpent and the Secrets of the Nile Civilization
Xaviant Haze

· Explains how Akhenaten was the last pharaoh entrusted with the
sacred and ancient alien knowledge of stargates, free energy and
antigravity technologies.
· Reveals how the Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society of
reptilian aliens, sought to destroy Akhenaten and suppress the
sacred knowledge of the pharaohs.
· Explores the original purpose of the pyramids to transmit energy
to expand consciousness and how they were decommissioned after
the Great Flood.

The sophisticated civilisation of ancient Egypt arose seemingly overnight, complete with advanced levels of art, agriculture, astronomy and physics. Then, with the death of Pharaoh Akhenaten, much of this higher knowledge was lost or suppressed. But evidence of this former Golden Age, the alien visitors behind its rise and those behind its decline, still exists, some of it in plain sight.
Examining the purposefully obscured reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Xaviant Haze explains how they represent the last dynasty with access to the sacred knowledge of stargates, free energy and antigravity technologies, knowledge handed down from an advanced interstellar race in the remote past. He reveals how the reptilian race known as the Shemsu Hor infiltrated the Egyptian priesthood and banking systems and formed the Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society set on destroying Akhenaten's flourishing kingdom and suppressing the sacred knowledge of the pharaohs.
Haze examines the evidence of aliens in ancient Egypt, such as the reptilian beings depicted in the Temple of Hathor, Thutmose III's alien encounter and the spaceship hidden at Abydos.
He shows how Akhenaten and his family are always portrayed with elongated skulls and explores the connection between ancient aliens and Mars, including the Martian materials used in Egyptian monuments. He explains the original purpose of the pyramids to transmit uplifting energy throughout the planet, to help expand consciousness and explores how they were decommissioned after the Great Flood of prehistory. He reveals how the original builders of the pyramids foresaw humanity's fall from the Golden Age and strategically encoded these magnificent structures to wake humanity from the depths of the Dark Ages.
ISBN: 9781591431596
ISBN 10:

Juanita Rose Violini

The Almanac of the Infamous, the Incredible, and the Ignored is a compendium of unexplained mysteries, paranormal phenomena, and incredible true tales that will amaze, confound, and remind you just how mysterious this world really is. An outstanding trivia and reference book for any lover of unusual lore, each day gives you an unexplained mystery, a quote, and a Secret Power for you to practice. Richly illustrated throughout. A magical daily read.
ISBN: 9781578634477
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Their True Bloody History From New York to California
Dr. Bob Curran Illustrated by Ian Daniels

Vampires are much more complex creatures than Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Twilight, True Blood or scores of other movies and television shows would have you believe. Even in America.

American vampire lore has its roots in the beliefs and fears of the diverse peoples and nationalities that make up the country and reflects the rich tapestry of their varied perspectives. The vampires that lurk in the American darkness come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can produce some surprising results. Vampires in North Carolina are vastly different from those in South Carolina and even more different from those in New York State. Moreover, not all of them are human in form and they can't necessarily be warded off by the sight of a crucifix or a bulb of garlic.

Dr. Bob Curran visits the Louisiana bayous, the back streets of New York City, the hills of Tennessee, the Sierras of California, the deserts of Arizona and many more locations in a bid to track down the vampire creatures that lurk there. Join him if you dare! This is not Hollywood's version of the vampire - these entities are real!
ISBN: 9781601632296
ISBN 10:
Facts, Myths, and Enchantments from the Sirens of the Sea
Varla Ventura

From Homer's Odyssey to Pirates of the Caribbean, Mermaids have fascinated popular culture for centuries.

AMONG THE MERMAIDS is an enchanting collection of classic stories, facts and tales of mermaids from around the world that will thrill every lover of this romanticised mythological creature.

Compiled by Book of the Bizarre author and Magical Creature devotee, Varla Ventura, AMONG THE MERMAIDS includes turn of the century tales of merfolk from Bret Harte, T. Crofton Croker and W.B. Yeats, along with fun facts about mermaids in popular culture.

Fun facts about the fluid and the fair:

· Many people believe today that early explorer sightings of
mermaids were manatees. (Scurvy + many days away from your
lady = a blubbery creature looking supple and bodacious)
· Blackbeard, the fierce and terrible pirate, was afraid of his crew
being lured into a watery grave by mermaids, so he ordered his
ships to avoid certain areas reputed to have a high number of
mermaid sightings.
· Since 2009, the town of Kiryat Yam, Israel has offered a prize of
$1 million dollars to anyone who can prove the mermaid off their
coast is real. The prize still remains unclaimed.
ISBN: 9781578635450
ISBN 10:
A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors
Philip Coppens

THE ANCIENT ALIEN QUESTION reveals an array of astonishing truths, including:
· A radically different understanding of the pyramids and how they
were constructed
· The origins of crystal skulls and how they were found
· The extraordinary stories behind monuments such as the Nazca
lines and Puma Punku and who built them
· How extraterrestrials came to our planet and the evidence that
supports this

Analysing the historical and archaeological evidence, Philip Coppens demonstrates that there is substantial proof that our ancestors were far more technologically advanced than currently accepted and that certain cultures interacted with non-human intelligences. Our ancestors were clearly not alone.

Forty years after Erich von Däniken posed these questions in Chariots of the Gods, Coppens provides clear and concise answers to the great historical enigmas in a most accessible and readable format.

Your view of human history will never be the same again!
ISBN: 9781601631985
ISBN 10:

Mike Bara

Was there once a vast, technologically advanced civilisation on Mars and did it leave evidence of its existence behind for humans to find eons later? Did these advanced extraterrestrial visitors vanish in a solar system wide cataclysm of their own making, only to make their way to Earth and start anew? Was Mars once as lush and green as the Earth and teeming with life? Did Mars once orbit a missing member of the solar system, a “Super Earth” that vanished in a disaster that devastated life on Earth and Venus and left us only the asteroid belt as evidence of its once grand existence? Did the survivors of this catastrophe leave monuments and temples behind, arranged in a mathematical precision designed to teach us the Secret of a new physics that could lift us back to the stars? Does the planet have an automated defence shield that swallows up robotic probes if they wander into the wrong areas? And are the lights still on down there, deep below the sands of Mars, just waiting for us to uncover them?

New York Times Bestselling author, Mike Bara, examines all these questions and more in his new book ANCIENT ALIENS ON MARS.

Chapters include: War of the Worlds, The Mars Tidal Model, The Death of Mars, Cydonia and the Face on Mars, The Monuments of Mars, The Search for Life on Mars, The True Colours of Mars and The Pathfinder Sphinx.
ISBN: 9781935487890
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Mike Bara

In ANCIENT ALIENS ON MARS II, New York Times bestselling author Mike Bara returns the reader to Mars to examine the enduring mysteries of the Red Planet.
Building on the case made in Ancient Aliens on Mars and using data acquired from sophisticated new scientific instruments like the Mars Odyssey THEMIS infrared imager, Bara shows that the region of Cydonia overlays a vast underground city full of enormous structures and devices that may still be operating. He peels back the layers of mystery to show images of tunnel systems, temples and ruins, and exposes the sophisticated NASA conspiracy designed to hide them and discredit the researchers that discovered these exotic ruins. Bara also tackles the enigma of Mars' hollowed out moon Phobos, and exposes evidence from over 30 years of observations that it is artificial.
Long-held myths about Mars, including claims that it is protected by a sophisticated UFO defense system, are examined and illuminated. Data from the Mars rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity is examined; everything from fossilized plants to mechanical debris is exposed in images taken directly from NASA's own archives.
Finally, the author offers his take on the secret history of the Red Planet and what happened to the highly advanced civilization that once flourished there.
ISBN: 9781939149312
ISBN 10:

Mike Bara

· Looks into the history of lunar anomalies and the early NASA
· Gives an examination of ruins on the Moon in the Sinus Medii
· Uses images from the Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter and Ranger
· Looks at the current politics of the new race to return to the
Moon and what hidden agenda's may be behind it.

Bara looks at the Apollo lunar missions to the Moon and the photographic evidence supporting the "transparent dome theory - and an historical image of a giant shard of transparent material that was whitewashed from later versions of the same image. He, also, discusses the popular theory that the film "2001 - A Space Odyssey" was used as a training ground for Stanley Kubrick to develop the technology to fake the footage of the landings and the curious mission of Apollo 17 - possibly a technology salvage mission. Bara details how the astronauts managed to get nearly 30 minutes of "off camera" time to investigate an entrance into the ruin and then later proceeded to a nearby crater to retrieve technological objects. He examines evidence from the Russian Zond series of lunar probes as well as the more current Clementine and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data. Bara, also, looks at the current politics of the new race to return to the Moon and what hidden agenda's may be behind it. Finally, Bara looks at the various arguments that the entire Moon is an artificial object. Bara shows how the Moon would have been an ideal place for an alien species involved in genetic experimentation on Earth to have set up a base.
ISBN: 9781935487852
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