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The Complete Basic Book
Karen Amend & Mary Ruiz

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: THE COMPLETE BASIC BOOK is the number one text used by professional handwriting analysts according to a study conducted by the Human Graphic centre. The book however is not just for professionals. It's clear easy-to-read style and organised approach helps the novice and experienced reader alike develop a view of the whole person not just a piecemeal understanding. The book is unlike any other book on graphology because it offers: * An unusually large number of actual size handwriting samples many of famous people. * Explanatory material with the samples not in another part of the book. * New material about determining emotional disturbance and mental illness. * New ideas on analysing strokes and shapes. * New material on understanding the meaning of the writing rhythm. * Handwriting of children and adolescents. * Comprehensive easy-to-use Index. This book will tell you - in clear precise terms - exactly how to analyse and interpret the handwriting of those you deal with every day: teachers bosses children employees spouses parents lovers friends ... and your own handwriting as well.
ISBN: 9780878770502
ISBN 10: 087877050X
The Amazing New Science of Creating Our Ultimate Emotional Comfort Zone!
Dr. Gary Laundre

It may seem unbelieveable. ...but you can permanently release fears, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks, anger, the pain of loss, past trauma, and even depression, just by thinking a certain thought while you touch 15 energy points on your body in a special order. And these miraculous changes can happen within minutes. This amazing book will show you how!
ISBN: 9780970846518
ISBN 10:
Unlock the Positive Potential Hidden in Your DNA
James Baird with Laurie Nadal Foreword by Bruce Lipton

You have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” And every day thousands of advertising images seduce you into believing that happiness can be bought. Put away your wallet. Happiness is at your fingertips—it's sitting right in your DNA.

The new science of epigenetics reveals that there are reserves of natural happiness within your DNA that can be controlled by you, your emotions, beliefs and your behavioural choices.

HAPPINESS GENES examines the nature and source of happiness, from ancient times to the present. It presents the epigenetic and other biological research that shows that DNA contains genes for natural happiness and your ultimate well-being. Then it details the 28-Day natural happiness program—you'll learn how to “switch on” your happiness genes, creating a biological cascade of well-being.

“Happiness Genes reading an instruction manual that tells you how to reprogram your genes for a happy life. It's time for new thinking. This book is your wake-up call.”
—Bruce Lipton, PhD, New York Times best-selling author The Biology of Belief
ISBN: 9781601631053
ISBN 10:
HAPPINESS HANDBOOK Third Edition £19.99

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Strategies For A Happy Life
Timothy Sharp

Since the 1990s clinical psychologist Dr Timothy Sharp has been helping people to become happier. As the founder of The Happiness Institute in Australia and consultant to numerous large organisations, as well as hundreds of individual clients and families, Dr Sharp has developed a range of simple but effective plans designed to increase happiness levels.

In this updated edition of THE HAPPINESS HANDBOOK Dr Sharp introduces his latest and most powerful happiness tool: the CHOOSE Model. This distinctive new approach incorporates findings from the last few decades of positive psychology research and presents them in a way that is both practical and memorable. Timothy Sharp says: "There's no doubt that happiness is something you choose - and this new model will help you make more decisions that will lead to more happiness."  
ISBN: 9781925048063
ISBN 10:
And It's Easier Than You Think!
Hale Dwoskin and Lester Levenson

That which every one of us is looking for in this world is exactly the same thing. Every Being, even the animal, is looking for it. And what is it that we are all looking for? Happiness with no sorrow! A continuous state of happiness with no taint whatsoever of sorrow.

Now, if this be the Goal, why is it the Goal? The reason why it is the Goal is because imperturbable happiness is our very basic nature!, And what is imperturbable happiness? Complete and total freedom and that is freedom to do or not to do anything and everything. This is the real natural state, before, we encumber it with limitations.
ISBN: 9780971933408
ISBN 10:

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Teach Yourself to Enjoy Every Day
M.J. Ryan

First time in paperback from bestselling author M.J. Ryan – nearly 2 million copies of her books in print worldwide!

We all want the things that we're sure will make us happy - money, success, independence, love. But when we finally get them, we can find to our surprise that we are the same miserable, moody, or just neutral people we always were. Why is that? Is our ability to be happy genetically programmed in us like the color of our eyes?

Luckily not. You can teach yourself to be happy and enjoy every day, and M.J. Ryan, bestselling author of The Power of Patience and Attitudes of Gratitude, shows you how. In her international coaching practice, M.J. Ryan has shown hundreds of clients how to find and really feel the joy in their lives. She gives them tools to unearth what stands in their way and revolutionize the way they experience life.

Ryan's own desire to be happier first led her to study what is known about happiness from brain science, psychology, and the wisdom traditions of the world. The Happiness Makeover draws on this wide-ranging knowledge and presents a plan that will help readers:
· Clear away happiness hindrances like worry, fear, envy, and grudges
· Discover happiness boosters like flow, meaningful work, challenge, and gratitude
· Literally rewire your brain to experience contentment - even joy
· Learn to think optimistically (it really is possible!)
· Find daily ways to truly enjoy, even relish, the moments of your life

Full of moving stories, inspiring quotes, and the wisdom of one who has been there before, The Happiness Makeover offers the means to find elusive happiness at last.
“This book is like happy electricity—connecting us all to our joy, which we continually forget how to access” —SARK
ISBN: 9781573246101
ISBN 10:
Secrets of How They Think
Elizabeth Gould

There are many books written about children but very few where the children's thoughts and views take centre stage. In a society where books on parenting and childhood are based on the adult analysis of children with problems and difficulties, this book is completely different. In the children's own words, it tells how eight happy children view their life and the world around them. Challenging the notion that all children are obsessed with body image, controlled by peer pressure and crushed by bullying, the book reveals a very different picture. Even though these happy children face all the usual ups and downs of childhood, including bullying and family issues, they have found a way to be happy and stay happy. Through in-depth and wide-ranging interviews, the author tells their stories and reveals five distinct patterns of how these happy children think. This charming and insightful book will provide valuable tools for all parents and adults who interact with children.
ISBN: 9780855723934
ISBN 10:
The Busy Parent Series
Ken and Elizabeth Mellor

Today's world is changing very rapidly. Somehow in the midst of this we need to raise our children to live in the grown-up world that awaits them when they reach adulthood. Our families are the primary training ground for this learning. They are also the primary immediate support for all of us: physical emotional mental and spiritual. So it is important that we can make them as happy as we can. We can do this by managing our families well. It takes time of course - a commodity that always seems in short supply - and we already have lots to do. Not taking the time however is very costly because when the family as a unit starts to falter all its members will have difficulty in coping. Dealing with the subsequent difficulties generally takes far more time than the simple requirements that good family management would have taken. Points covered include: ¨ Understanding and changing your family patterns ¨ Creating balance between family life and work ¨ Learning from your childhood experiences of families ¨ Handling family conflicts ¨ Working together as a parenting team
ISBN: 9781876451127
ISBN 10: 1876451122
Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now
David Cameron Gikandi

A HAPPY POCKET FULL OF MONEY, first self-published in 2001, so impressed Rhonda Byrne, that she asked David Gikandi to become a consultant on The Secret.

In A HAPPY POCKET FULL OF MONEY, Gikandi explains that true wealth is not about having buckets of cash, but rather understanding the value within. True wealth flows out of developing "wealth consciousness," that incorporates gratitude, a belief in abundance, and an ability to experience joy in life. He explores how recent discoveries in theoretical physics are relevant for the creation of personal wealth and shows readers how to create abundance by saving, giving, offering charity, and building happy relationships.

· How to use an internal mantra to build wealth consciousness.
· How to be conscious and deliberate about your thoughts and intentions.
· How to decide, define, and set goals you can believe in.
· How to act on your beliefs and overcome challenges.
· How to incorporate gratitude, giving, and faith to experience abundance and joy in life.

This inspirational book will change how you view and create money, wealth, and happiness in your life.
ISBN: 9781571746627
ISBN 10:

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Understanding and Overcoming Male Borderline Personality Disorder
Joseph Nowinski

Renowned clinical psychologist Joseph Nowinski defines Male Borderline Personality Disorder, describes symptoms, and offers solutions that work for men.
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) causes individuals to have extreme difficulty regulating their emotions. BPD in men is often misdiagnosed and typically leads to either no treatment (or worse, jail time) or the wrong treatment. Author Nowinski identifies the symptoms and causes, as well as treatment targeted to men who suffer from BPD. Anecdotes and research findings are included.
ISBN: 9781937612573
ISBN 10:

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Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires
Joan Cerio

What kind of life do you desire? What do you want to be, to achieve, to become? You already know that your thoughts create your reality. But what creates the thoughts that create that reality? Not your mind; not your brain; not your will— it's your heart. Your heart is the key to all you wish to create, to all you would every aspect of your heart's desire.

And HARDWIRED TO HEAVEN is the key that unlocks not only the mysteries of the heart, but its magic as well. Let this engaging, informative and surprising journey into the quantum physics, biology and metaphysics of consciousness, creative energy and the heart introduce you to the sacred coordinate within your heart and show you how you can access its energy to live your heart's desire.

“Once freed, the heart knows no limits. It creates unceasingly, doing the bidding of your god self. The phrase 'As I think, so I am,' is true, but only after your thoughts pass through your sacred coordinate – your doorway to the divine.”
ISBN: 9781844094639
ISBN 10:
A Field Guide to Stone Circles, Crop Circles, Ancient Tombs, and Supernatural Landscapes
Brian Haughton

HAUNTED SPACES, SACRED PLACES is a fascinating and thoroughly researched exploration of the archaeology, legends and modern mysteries of 32 ancient places throughout the world - from the mysterious megaliths of Britain and Ireland, the haunted tombs of the Etruscans and the Pagan origins of Germany's Aachen Cathedral to the ancient Native American city of Cahokia, the enigmatic Cambodian Temple of Angkor Wat and the sacred Aboriginal rock formation of Uluru.

Why are strange phenomena so often connected with these ancient sites? Are certain sacred places somehow able to generate or attract paranormal phenomena? Or can such events be explained in terms of modern myth and contemporary folklore? What can the legends and folklore of ancient places throughout the world reveal to us about the beliefs and ideas of our ancient ancestors? These are just some of the questions answered in Brian Haughton's enthralling new book.

· The relationship between ancient Native American sites and unexplained phenomena in Colorado's San Luis Valley.
· The truth behind the legends of the mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in China, home of the Terracotta Warriors.
· The legendary history of ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Chartres Cathedral, Delphi, Cuzco and the Ohio Serpent Mound.
· The prevalence of modern encounters with ghosts, UFOs, spooklights, Bigfoot and phantom dogs at ancient sacred places.
ISBN: 9781601630001
ISBN 10:
Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives
James Hollis

What does life ask of us, and how are we to answer that summons?
Are we here just to propagate the species anew?
Do any of us really believe that we are here to make money and then die?
Does life matter, in the end and if so, how and in what fashion?
What guiding intelligence weaves the threads of our individual biographies?
What hauntings of the invisible world invigorate, animate and direct the multiple narratives of daily life?

In HAUNTINGS, James Hollis considers how we are all governed by the presence of invisible forms - spirits, ghosts, ancestral and parental influences, inner voices, dreams, impulses, untold stories, complexes, synchronicities and mysteries - which move through us and through history. He offers a way to understand them psychologically, examining the persistence of the past in influencing our present, conscious lives and noting that engagement with mystery is what life asks of each of us. From such engagements, a deeper, more thoughtful, more considered life may come.
ISBN: 9781888602623
ISBN 10:
For Women Who Want To Take Their Lives Into Their Own Hands
Katarina Michel

'Have Courage'...that is the key. We hide in life and Katarina suggests we show up boldly. We react to what life dishes up rather than choosing what we want. This is the key time for a book such as this – people are looking for answers to the current spiritual and economic changes. HAVE COURAGE AND THE WORLD IS YOURS offers the reader the way to find self clarity without being bogged down in the trappings of religious dogma.

“Both as student and teacher, I have done a significant amount of personal growth work with a variety of different programs and people, and yet I gained both new insights and solidification of my previous knowledge. Each page carries you forward, so you don't want to put the book down, and at the same time you want to digest the information you are reading. The concepts of Self-Acceptance and Loving Yourself are not new, but she presents them in such a way that it is impossible to resist the invitation to assimilate what she is saying and begin creating what you want in LIFE, based on the freedom of being yourself!” —Francesca Holladay R.N. B.S.N. B.S., Psychology
ISBN: 9781844091867
ISBN 10:
Forgiveness in the Face of Abuse
Nancy Richards

HEAL AND FORGIVE presents a first-hand description of child abuse and navigates the reader through the distinctive stumbling blocks encountered by adult survivors of abuse who are attempting to forgive.

This thought-provoking illustration offers new hope to those who have given up at the prospect of forgiving. Many survivors of abuse long to forgive their abusers; however, many common approaches to forgiveness are not appropriate for situations involving abuse. This work demonstrates to the survivor the additional steps necessary to achieve forgiveness in the face of abuse.

Surprisingly, it is often the very process of not forgiving, of acknowledging the pain and taking the steps to heal that frees the abused to forgive. This book clearly points to the need to validate their story with a sympathetic listener, express their anger in appropriate ways, mourn for their losses and protect themselves and others from re-injury. Further, this work explains to the individual that forgiveness does not mean excusing. No one needs to forgive the acts perpetrated against them in order to let go of resentment and forgive the being who harmed them.
ISBN: 9781577331582
ISBN 10: 1577331583
Using the 5 Step Mind Detox Method
Sandy C. Newbigging

The Mind Detox Method is a remarkable way to discover and heal the hidden unhealthy beliefs causing physical, emotional and life problems. If something negative is happening in your body or life and you don't know why, then the Mind Detox Method can help.

In this ground-breaking book, the creator of the method, Sandy C. Newbigging (as seen on Discovery Health) shows you how getting peace with your past can improve your health, wealth and happiness.

· Incredible insights that simplify therapy and can speed up
· The top 20 unhealthy beliefs that Sandy has found to be
negatively impacting health, wealth and happiness
· Sandy's 5-Step Mind Detox Method for discovering and healing
your own unhealthy beliefs
· 7 secrets that can help you to self-heal
· Plus powerful ways to let go of emotional baggage, feel fantastic
and clear the mental blocks to achieving your goals.
ISBN: 9781844096145
ISBN 10:
HEALER £11.99
Heart and Hearth
John Diamond

A book of profound insight exploring the attitude required of both healer and sufferer as they approach the healing sanctuary. A major statement by one of our foremost holistic healers this deeply personal moving and inspiring contribution takes its readers beyond the realm of medicine to a place where healing begins. THE HEALER: HEART AND HEARTH suggests a new and wholly original understanding of the role of the healer and of the sufferer representing the culmination of Dr. John Diamond's over forty years of experience in traditional and holistic therapies. John Diamond is a past president of The International Academy of Preventative Medicine and is a rare blend of psychiatrist traditional healer and spirit guide.
ISBN: 9781890995225
ISBN 10: 1890995223
Bringing Hands-On Compassion to a Love-Starved World
Earnie Larsen & Cedella Marley

A leader in the recovery movement reveals how we can all heal.

At the center of The Healer's Way is the "hoop" a seven-step process of healing. First we need to make sure our core needs are met; without those we not only can't heal ourselves or others--we probably can't live. Then we need to get lost (step 2), get hurt (step 3), get stuck and hit the bottom of the circle (step 4). Only then can we get called (step 5), get up (step 6), and get going (step 7). Once we get going, we move through the cycle again and again, as life presents us with new opportunities for healing ourselves and others.

The Healer's Way is the culmination of Earnie Larsen's thirty-plus years as a counselor. The seeds for the book were the questions of a young counselor: How do you keep going? What do you do when you can't make a difference? What makes a healer? The young man asked Larsen to be his mentor and some time later his stories, clues, questions, and answers came together in this book.

Larsen writes, "In the beginning, and in the end, healing is about change. The pages here are about one thing and one thing only: the spiritual alchemy involved in the amazing-grace process of personal transformation."
ISBN: 9781573243094
ISBN 10:

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A Complete Guide
Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel

For any child with challenges, early intervention is essential and parents need a plan that they can implement right away. Jenny McCarthy, one of the country's leading autism advocates, has teamed up with top autism specialist Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., to offer a prescriptive guide to the healing therapies and treatments that have turned the lives of so many children around. While autism cases have grown a whopping 6000 percent since the 1970s, the medical community is still waking up to the epidemic and parents need tools to begin healing their children and educating their doctors, instead of waiting six months to a year to get an appointment with a specialist. In this book, parents will learn about the following:

•The biomedical diet and supplement protocol
•Where to find alternative therapies and how to implement them
•A list of tests any doctor can perform
•Studies to show your doctor that will help make the case that they need to support your efforts
•Advice for preventing autism during pregnancy and the early years by looking at family history of allergies, depression and autoimmune disorders as well as a Mopther's chemical exposure

Whether your child has autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, or an autism spectrum disorder, HEALING AND PREVENTING AUTISM is the authoritative reference book with the tools to heal your child.
ISBN: 9780452295926
ISBN 10:

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Loving Guidance from the Angels
Toni Carmine Salerno

This inspiring set by bestselling author Toni Carmine Salerno, allows you to get quick and clear answers from the Angels. Featuring 55 cards, the HEALING ANGEL CARDS allow you to gain daily inspiration and insight for all aspects of your life.
ISBN: 9780980398366
ISBN 10:

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