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His Friendships with Mary Mellon and J.B. Priestley
William Schoenl

This is a fascinating story told here for the first time in detail of Jung's friendships with Mary Mellon and J. B. Priestley. Mary Mellon was the founder of the Bollingen Series which published Jung's Collected Works in English and the wife of the famous American philanthropist Paul Mellon. J. B. Priestley was a well-known British author and journalist who interviewed Jung several times for the BBC. Both admired Jung and helped make his psychology known and recognized throughout the world. In this book which uses the letters to trace the course of these two friendships we get a glimpse of Jung the man with nose and ears as his son Franz said of him--a remarkable genius but also a man with ordinary human strivings and flaws.
ISBN: 9781888602081
ISBN 10: 1888602082
The Story of John Muir
Patricia Topp

CALL HIM FATHER NATURE is the true and entertaining story of one of our modern day heroes. Suitable for 8-12 years of age the story follows the life of John Muir from boyhood through middle age. John Muir was an important figure in the field of conservation founder of the Sierra Club and advisor to presidents in the protection of Western lands from over development. He was deeply spiritual felt strongly about caring for plants and animals and serves as a model for living free from fears and limitations. John Muir found beauty even in natural disasters such as winter storms and earthquakes. He wrote many articles and books to tell people about the wonders of the Western wilderness. He wrote that everyone must be responsible for saving this beauty and made it clear that the forests were not created just for man's use.
ISBN: 9781577330479
ISBN 10: 1577330471
A Memoir of a Life for Change
Robert Schwartz

"I have titled these memoirs Can You Make a Difference?" writes economist and social activist Robert Schwartz, "because trying to make a difference is pretty much what most of my life has been about. And I like to think I have made at least a small difference."

Schwartz is being modest. This book is a testament to the extraordinary times that Robert Schwartz has lived through and the efforts he has made to be up to the challenge those times posed.

Growing up with a strong social conscience, Schwartz has dedicated a considerable portion of his eighty-five years to trying to build a more just, peaceful, democratic and habitable world. He helped establish the American Veterans Committee, Peace Action (formerly SANE), Wall Street Executives Against the War, Socially Responsible Investments and Economists Allied for Arms Reduction.

As the distinguished economist and social critic John Kenneth Galbraith writes in his foreword, "this is the history of a lifetime of intelligent and commanding effort."
CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE?, however, is more than a memoir of a life dedicated to human and civil rights in the United States. It is a call for the younger generation to repair a degraded environment, stop the encroaching limitations on civil rights, and banish once and for all the still-present spectre of discrimination.
ISBN: 9781590560327
ISBN 10: 1590560329
A Life Transformed Through Yoga
Swami Radhananda

In 1977, when Mary-Ann McDougall - mother, wife and teacher - first heard Swami Sivananda Radha speak at Yasodhara Ashram, she knew she had found what was missing in her life. Her memoir, CARRIED BY A PROMISE, is the unique story of a woman's spiritual journey that follows her deepening commitment to Swami Radha and the extraordinary events that lead to her transformation into Swami Radhananda.

CARRIED BY A PROMISE offers a very human example of how a heartfelt promise to the divine can carry us on the spiritual path. Above all, it gives an intimate look into the love between a guru and a disciple is the sacred connection that has the power to transform.

"She and I have made a promise. She gave me a thread that connects us forever. I have seen the looks of love that shine from her eyes in blessings. Sometimes her voice comes through me clearly. She is my spiritual mother who has imbued each cell with Light, who is the flame in my heart."
ISBN: 9781932018363
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How I Rode Through Australia With A Short Fat Horse, Two Grumpy Camels And One Feral Kelpie
Heidi Douglas

CATCH UP WITH THE SUN is the unusual account of a remarkable achievement as ex-RAAF pilot and veterinarian, Heidi Douglas, who writes about her journey through the outback of Australia with horses and camels. She covers Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The journey (full of incidents and setbacks) is fascinating in itself, redefining what we think we know about the country but the biggest surprise is that the animals steal the show! Who would have thought that a short fat horse with the name of Gumby and two haughty camels could win over the hearts of readers and convince us that this story is really all about them ... and Heidi just tagged along for the ride!?

Heidi meets a range of interesting characters along the way and gets herself in and out of some hairy situations. She has a wonderful dry, laconic sense of humour and displays a never give up attitude, balanced by moments of self-doubt and vulnerability.

This is the story of a woman's solo achievement and, as such, will appeal to a broad readership, including animal lovers, armchair travellers and all those who wonder just what it would be like to travel through the Outback.
ISBN: 9781921462368
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The True Story of New York's Most Notorious Cop Killer and the Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him
Randy Jurgensen and Robert Cea

Circle of Six is the true story of what is perhaps the most notorious case in the history of the New York Police Department. It details Randy Jurgensen's determined effort to bring to justice the murderer of Patrolman Phillip Cardillo, who was shot and killed inside Harlem's Mosque #7 in 1972, in the midst of an all-out assault on the NYPD from the Black Liberation Army. The New York of this era was a place not unlike the Wild West, in which cops and criminals shot it out on a daily basis.

Despite the mayhem on the streets and the Machiavellian corridors of Mayor Lindsay's City Hall, Detective Jurgensen single-handedly took on the Black Liberation Army, the Nation of Islam, NYPD brass, and City Hall, capturing Cardillo's killer, Lewis 17X Dupree. He broke the case with an unlikely accomplice, Foster 2X Thomas, a member of the Nation of Islam who became Jurgensen's witness. The relationship they formed during the time before trial gave each of the two men a greater perspective of the two sides in the street war and changed them forever. In the end, Jurgensen had to settle for a conviction on other charges, and Dupree served a number of years. The murder case is still officially unsolved. In 2006 the NYPD re-opened the case, and it is once again an active investigation with full media attention.

The book has received acclaim from current New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, as well as former Commissioner William Bratton.
ISBN: 9781932857856
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A True Story of Discovery Acting Health Illness Recovery and Life
Dirk Benedict

WARNING: This book may change the way you look at doctors and health forever. This book will challenge your preconceived ideas about looking at illness taking responsibility and about actors - particularly Dirk Benedict star of several hit television series and author of this work. Initially CONFESSIONS OF A KAMIKAZE COWBOY tells the fascinating story of Dirk Benedict's journey from the big sky country of Montana to the hustle and hype of Hollywood. It also vividly describes his personal odyssey of self-exploration discovery and growth - from struggling actor to celebrity from meat eater to vegetarian from cancer victim to cancer victor. CONFESSIONS OF A KAMIKAZE COWBOY is brilliantly written - insightful witty humorous and always challenging - a tour de force. You will come face to face with many of the newly discovered truths in Dirk's life. While you may not agree with everything CONFESSIONS OF A KAMIKAZE COWBOY has to say it will make you reconsider a great many truths in your own life. Dirk Benedict has starred on Broadway in films and in several hit television series including The A Team and Battlestar Galactica. When he's not making a movie or writing screenplays he pilots his own airplane composes music plays the piano and trombone goes fishing or just relaxes with his two sons. Dirk and his sons live in Montana.
ISBN: 9780757002779
ISBN 10: 0757002773

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The Psychomagical Autobiography of the Creator of El Topo and The Holy Mountain
Alejandro Jodorowsky

Retraces the spiritual and mystical path Jodorowsky has followed since childhood, vividly repainting events from the perspective of an unleashed imagination
Explores the development of the author's psychomagic and metagenealogy practices via his realization that all problems are rooted in the family tree
Includes photos from Jodorowsky's appearance at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and from the film based on this book, which debuted at Cannes

Alejandro Jodorowsky re-creates the incredible adventure of his life as an artist, filmmaker, writer, and therapist--all stages on his quest to push back the boundaries of both imagination and reason.
Not a traditional autobiography composed of a chronological recounting of memories, DANCE OF REALITY repaints events from Jodorowsky's life from the perspective of an unleashed imagination. Like the psychomagic and metagenealogy therapies he created, this autobiography exposes the mythic models and family templates upon which the events of everyday life are founded.
This is autobiography as an act of healing. Through the retelling of his own life, the author shows we do not start off with our own personalities, they are given to us by one or more members of our family tree. To be born into a family, Jodorowsky says, is to be possessed. To peer back into our past is equivalent to digging into our own souls. If we can dig deep enough, beyond familial projections, we shall find an inner light--a light that can help us through life's most difficult tests.

Offering a glimpse into the mind and life of one of the most creative and enigmatic visionaries of our time, DANCE OF REALITY is the book upon which Jodorowsky's critically acclaimed 2013 Cannes Film Festival film of the same name was based.
ISBN: 9781620552810
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DANIEL 10.99
The Making of a Medium
John L. Brooker

Daniel Simpson was born to be a psychic. At a very early age he had an imaginary spirit friend who would play with him. He was able to see his friend whenever he played alone. At night, when he was supposed to be sleeping, he was taken by his friend on many beautiful journeys. They sometimes went into a wonderland of castles and knights on horseback and travelled on sailing ships in seas of blue water....

At the age of twelve, he had his first real psychic experience. This started his spiritual development and introduction to life as a psychically sensitive being, destined to be a channel for spiritual understanding. As far as he knew, no one in his parents' family had ever shown any psychic ability. In fact, most of the relatives rarely went to church.

Like most children, he had the usual array of fantasies about his future. In every respect he was a normal child. He certainly never dreamed of what was about to take place.

This is Daniel's story, and it could have happened to anyone.
ISBN: 9781577331636
ISBN 10: 157733163X

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My Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows
Frances Simone

One woman's struggle with her husband's addiction and her path of recovery as a result of the tragic outcome.
The dynamics of codependency are brilliantly illuminated in this heartbreaking story of a marriage destroyed by the husband's addiction to alcohol. Author and widow, Dr. Frances Simone, describes the progression of the disease through all its stages, her husband's attempt at treatment and subsequent relapse, his suicide, and her own recovery through a twelve-step program for families.
ISBN: 9781937612641
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Living the Message
Deborah Hart Strober & Gerald Strober

For well over fifty years Reverend Billy Graham has preached the Gospel to millions of people around the world whether ministering to world leaders or to African bushmen his mission has always been simple: To spread the word of God and he has. Now aged eighty-four his pace may be somewhat slower but true to his calling Graham remains an integral part of his highly active ministry. Here then is an inside and personal view of a day in Billy Graham's very full life - a day filled with hectic meetings unexpected phone calls and numerous appointments as well as stolen moments of quiet for prayer and contemplation. Included too is a joyous hour or two upon a stage in which the reverend earnestly speaks to thousands of people about God love and salvation through faith. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF BILLY GRAHAM takes us on a journey through time and distance to discover so much about this fascinating man. We learn about his childhood his past crusades and his relationships with presidents as well as his experiences in the Holy Land. We enjoy a unique glimpse into the life of one of Christendom's most beloved and enduring evangelists. And throughout we are witness to the power of God that propels Billy Graham's mission forward and upward
ISBN: 9780757000928
ISBN 10: 0757000924

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The Inner Life of Martha Jefferson
Kelly Joyce Neff

To history Martha Jefferson is little more than a background figure in Thomas Jefferson's life. In truth she was Thomas Jefferson's Dear Companion. DEAR COMPANION is the story of two people very much in love. Told by Kelly Joyce Neff as a past life recall DEAR COMPANION is an extraordinary tale told as only someone who was intimately familiar with the past could tell it. We come to know the Jefferson's as a young couple very much in love and share in all the joys and sorrows of their ten-year marriage. Enjoyable as a well-told story it also gives a remarkable insight into the life and times of Thomas Jefferson. Although presented as historical fiction this biography is actually reconstructed from the author's past-life recall. Kelly Neff's intense familiarity with the period enables her to bring wonderfully to life a time and family that will forever be of interest to all readers.
ISBN: 9781571740755
ISBN 10: 1571740759
A True Story of Escape Survival and Resistance
Shalom Yoran

Fifty years ago while recuperating in an Israeli hospital a young Polish refugee wrote at length about his remarkable experiences in war-torn Europe. When done his notes were set aside as he built a new life for himself his wife and their children. Then in 1995 Shalom Yoran came across his own long-forgotten writings and realising their importance completed his work. THE DEFIANT is his extraordinary memoir. THE DEFIANT is a true story of survival and courage in the darkest days of Nazi-occupied Poland. It is the personal account of a young man who refused to yield to the German onslaught and instead chose to become a Jewish resistance fighter. The book chronicles the bravery of a group of men and women who carried on a forest war using antiquated guns and living on instinct. From the brutal behaviour of Polish peasants to the constant bombardment of German air raids from the questionable orders of anti-Semitic commanders to direct confrontations with storm troopers the author sheds light on events that few know of in this country. Yoran has written a unique holocaust account that is fresh powerful and rich in detail. Here is the amazing story of a handful of courageous men and women who fought against incredible odds - and triumphed.
ISBN: 9780757000782
ISBN 10: 0757000789

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Celebrating the Life and Work of Eileen Caddy
David Earl Platts

What is it that makes Eileen Caddy special? Here is a woman whose words have inspired and changed millions, and yet it is her very "ordinariness" that has helped so many to relate to her words. She is a woman of her time, with a gentle, feminine and powerful soul. Eileen does not strive to be perfect or different, she is comfortable being "divinely ordinary." And yet she is also much more than that. She constantly displays a willingness and commitment to do whatever is asked of her by her guidance. Now in her eighties, beginning to experience the frailties of her age, she still is the first person meditating in the Findhorn Sanctuary before dawn every morning, listening to her "still small voice within" as she has done for nearly 50 years. She listens, and then she acts.

What Eileen has always managed to do best is inspire others to strive for the highest; she expects us to be the best we can be, to listen to our own inner voice and to use our talents in service to our planet and to each other. We are all ordinary, and in essence we are all divine. We are part of the unconditionally loving spirit that guides our lives. Eileen is a shining example of what we seek to be, and she needs no pedestal, no admiration, no gratitude. If we, who have read and loved her words, connect with our spirit, make positive changes in our lives and embody the unconditional love we seek, then she has done her job very well indeed.

This book allows you to appreciate Eileen's ordinary, extraordinary life.
ISBN: 9781899171873
ISBN 10: 1899171878

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One Mans Story of September 11 and the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ
Sujo John

Sujo John was born and raised in a middle class family in Calcutta, India, a city of over 21 million people. In February 2001, he arrived in the United States and soon was employed by a technology company in the World Trade Centre.

On September 11, 2001, Sujo was on the 81st floor of the northern tower of the World Trade Centre when the first plane struck the building. Do You Know Where You Are Going? tells in compelling detail the harrowing story of Sujo's descent down the stairwell, and how, as he was about to exit, the building began to fall around him. He talks about his desperate attempts to contact his wife, who worked in the southern tower of the Twin Towers, and how they finally met each other near a ferry terminal some twelve hours after the planes struck.

But DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING? is much more than a gripping account of that terrible day. It is a tale of a faith in the power of Jesus Christ and a dynamic call for all of us to recognize how short and vulnerable are our lives and how important it is that we welcome Jesus Christ into our hearts.

As September 11 showed so vividly, we may plan for a long life in this lifetime, but much more pressing is how we plan for our next life. Sujo argues that only through the saving grace of calling upon Jesus Christ can we be guaranteed the life to come and offers ways we can turn our lives over to Him.
ISBN: 9781590560396
ISBN 10: 1590560396
Memoirs of a Blind Biker
Russell Targ

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? is a droll memoir by a world-class physicist that includes recollections of his involvement with pioneering laser research, encounters with many of the most recognizable literary, cultural and entertainment figures of the 20th century and his role in teaching ESP techniques to the CIA - a real-life X-Files saga.

Russell Targ is a Zelig-like character. His story is an idiosyncratic journey through the highways and byways of American intellectual, scientific and cultural life in the 20th century. His father (the long-time Editor-in-Chief at Putnam) acquired The Godfather on the basis of an outline scribbled on the back of a napkin. His mother was the first press agent of the fan dancer Sally Rand. His step-mother is the legendary literary agent Rosalind Targ. He was married for thirty years to the sister of the infamous chess master Bobby Fischer. He briefly dated Henny Youngman's cousin. He attended college with Alan Alda's wife, Arlene. He was part of Ayn Rand's study group in the 1950s - along with economist Alan Greenspan. He was a pioneer in laser research. He spent many years developing air-borne laser wind sensors for Lockheed and NASA. He co-founded the Stanford Research Institute remote viewing program - which was funded by the CIA - and was instrumental in tracking Soviet and Chinese weapon installations during the Cold War. And, he is legally blind motorcyclist - who happens to be a Buddhist.
ISBN: 9781571745590
ISBN 10:

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Lasers and Love, ESP and the CIA, and the Meaning of Life
Russell Targ

Russll Targ's story is an idiosyncratic journey through the highways and byways of intellectual, scientific and cultural life in 20th century. His father (the long-time editor-in-chief at Putnam) acquired The Godfather on the basis of an outline scribbled on the back of a napkin. His mother was the first press agent of the fan dancer Sally Rand. His step-mother is the legendary literary agent Rosalind Targ. He was married for thirty years to the sister of the infamous chess master Bobby Fischer. He briefly dated Henny Youngman's cousin. He attended college with Alan Alda's wife, Arlene. He was part of Ayn Rand's study group in the 1950s - along with economist Alan Greenspan. He was a pioneer in laser research. He spent many years developing air-borne laser wind sensors for Lockheed and NASA. He co-founded the Stanford Research Institute remote viewing programme - which was funded by the CIA - and was instrumental in tracking Soviet and Chinese weapon installations during the Cold War. And, he is a legally blind motorcyclist - who happens to be a Buddhist. This is a fascinating memoir by a first-class intellect; the story of a physicist who has pushed the boundaries of science to explore the realms of parapsychology, spirituality and the unexplained.
ISBN: 9781571746306
ISBN 10:
A True Story
Patricia Fenton

This autobiographical novel is a comical romp through the Last Great Adventure of the author's beloved Aunt Allie who is dying of cancer. Fenton eases Aunt Allie's passage into the Great Beyond with certain Mystery School teachings, nutritional advice, her own personal visions and good old-fashioned common sense in her approach to life and death.

DON'T SEND ME ANY RAINBOWS is a stunning, honest, and engrossing account of the death process. It's a journey of enlightenment that will leave readers knowledgeable on how to help a loved one die with comfort and dignity. Patricia Fenton unfolds a new way of looking at death by encouraging us to take a deeper look at life!
ISBN: 9781880666661
ISBN 10: 1880666669
The Life of History's Greatest Psychic
Harmon Hartzell Bro

Millions worldwide have turned to the readings of Edgar Cayce for advice on health and spiritual growth. Hailed as the 'father of holistic medicine' as well as the catalyst for the New Age movement, his works have been translated into dozens of languages,and he has received outpourings of acclaim from individuals, doctors and spiritual leaders around the globe. As predicted by his own psychic readings, the Cayce material has changed the thought of humankind.

Drawing from his experience as Cayce's longtime associate, Dr. Harmon Bro has written a firsthand account in this full-length biography of the gifted psychic. His intimate prose tells the story of an enigmatic Kentucky farm boy with no formal education who became the soft-spoken seer who inspired so many and left a legacy of more than 14,000 documented readings behind. It is' also' the story of a man who worked laboriously to help others - even at the cost of his own health and eventually his life.
ISBN: 9780876046043
ISBN 10:
Queen of the Troubadours
Jean Markale

Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) has been long noted for her political and cultural achievements that profoundly shaped twelfth-century Europe. Culturally, beyond her role as wife of kings Louis VII of France and Henry II of England and mother of kings Richard and John, she inspired the huge diffusion of the Arthurian cycle and the Celtic myths underpinning it. Without Eleanor, figures such as Merlin, Arthur and Guinevere (for whom Eleanor served as model) would never have assumed the enormous symbolic value they now possess. Politically, she embodied divine power that ended the dark age of patriarchy, playing a crucial role not only in the development of the Plantagenet Empire, but, also, in the granting of charters to merchants and craftsmen that led to the birth of the modern middle class.
But her greatest influence, still shaping modern sensibilities, was her role as the symbol of courtly love, which was not a mere diversion of the aristocracy but a process of male initiation and transcendence that bears a close resemblance to Indian Tantra. While the Virgin Mary was restoring a feminine face to mediaeval religious life, Eleanor embodied the adulterous queen who incarnates sovereignty - the woman who shares authority with the men who act in her name, but only after that power has been transmitted to them through an initiatory process leading to sexual union.
ISBN: 9781594771958
ISBN 10: 1594771952

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