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An Excavation
Martin Rowe

Through the lens of Rowe's relationships with two Kenyan conservationists - Wangari Maathai and Daphne Sheldrick - THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM surveys a number of prejudices that many of us who are fortunate to be born with the privileges attached to our skin colour, sex and access to resources don't like to deal with: race, misogyny and the legacy of empire. By examining the two women's memoirs (Unbowed and Love, Life, and Elephants), both of which were launched following talks at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, these metaphorical elephants in the room are combined with a study of the exploitation of actual elephants on the continent of Africa, and the iterations of memory that are disclosed or hidden in the writing of memoirs and the collecting of bones for museums. Like elephants themselves, THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM ranges far, analysing work by Joseph Conrad, Robert Pogue Harrison, Barbara Gowdy, Willard Price, George Orwell, Adam Hochschild and others.
ISBN: 9781590563878
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A Doctor's Triumph
Nancy Kline

Describes the personal life and achievements of the woman credited with being the first woman physician in the United States.
ISBN: 9781573240574
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Peace Pilgrim II

Peace Pilgrim II follows in the footsteps of the original Peace Pilgrim a woman who without a penny walked across the United States for twenty-eight years. Likes his predecessor Peace has given up all his possessions including his name. He accepts only donations of daily food and shelter and has vowed to travel the country until world peace is a reality. Since 1989 Peace has spoken to thousands of school children as well as to churches groups and rallies from coast to coast. This book is the talk that he walks.
ISBN: 9780931892943
ISBN 10: 0931892945

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The Greatest Novels Short, Stories, Movies, and Other Creations of the World's Most Popular Writer
Stephen Spignesi

Stephen Spignesi, one of the world's leading authorities on the work of Stephen King, ranks - from 1 to 101 - King's 101 greatest creations.

Working from a body of King's work numbering more than 550 individual creations, Spignesi lists all of King's writings in every genre and then determines King's top 101, a monumental list that includes novels, novellas, short stories, poems, screenplays, nonfiction books and essays, unpublished works, and much more. Each chosen work is synopsized and reviewed by the writer Entertainment Weekly called "the world's leading expert on Stephen King."

What made the number 1 spot? The novel that Spignesi and many others consider King's magnum opus: It.

What made the number 101 spot? A short story Stephen King wrote when he was 12 called "The Thing at the Bottom of the Well," in which King conceived the ancestral grandfather of the monster in It, 25 years before he would even begin writing his epic tome.

The Dead Zone, The Shining, Salem's Lot, Misery, The Stand, Carrie, Firestarter, Cujo, The Green Mile, Pet Sematary, Christine, Riding the Bullet, The Plant, The Dark Tower series, Insomnia...the best-selling novels are all here. But also included in the ranking are many of King's wonderful short stories and novellas - "Rita Hayworth" and "Shawshank Redemption," "The Mist," "Survivor Type," "The Last Rung on the Ladder," "Gramma," and King's O. Henry-award-winning New Yorker story, "The Man in the Black Suit."

Plus, Spignesi reviews and ranks King's incredible nonfiction, including his two book-length works, Danse Macabre and On Writing, plus short essays, including "Remembering John," "Why I Was Bachman," "Leaf-Peepers"; King's engaging Introductions and Forewords; and even an amazing column from King's college newspaper, "The Subject This Week is Cops."

The Essential Stephen King provides an unbiased, uncompromising review of King's work by an acknowledged King authority. As such, it is a must for all serious and casual Stephen King fans as well as all lovers of superb contemporary literature.
ISBN: 9781564147103
ISBN 10: 156414710X
The Life of Swami Kriyananda
Devi Novak

Where are the heroes of today? ask those who feel a yearning for examples of inspiring men and women upon which they can model their lives. The life of Swami Kriyananda is the story of a modern-day hero - a man who has to an amazing degree demonstrated spiritual courage determination in the face of great obstacles and personal sacrifice for an ideal. FAITH IS MY ARMOR tells the complete story of his life: from his childhood in Romania to his desperate search for meaning in life - and to his training under his great guru the Indian master Paramhansa Yogananda. It also recounts the drama of the powerful opposition and attacks he faced as he strove to fulfil the mission his guru had entrusted to him. This book will bring inspiration and hope to all who read it and renewed faith in the power of God in our lives.
ISBN: 9781565892132
ISBN 10: 1565892135

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A Memoir of Things Best Forgotten
Mark O'Flynn

In the early 1980s recently graduated arts student, Mark O'Flynn, is told in no uncertain terms by his father to stop fruit picking and get a proper job! In an effort to kickstart his son's career in the workplace he arranges for Mark to work in a quarry in outback Australia.

Dropped in the middle of central Queensland and somewhat underwhelmed by the 40 degree heat, barrage of flies, never ending parade of snakes and a steady diet of meat and beer, Mark encounters a group of men the likes of whom he has never seen before in his city life. Men the colour of boiled mutton, who work only as hard as they need to, play as hard as they can, adhered strictly to the rules of the union and call each other 'Brother'. Soon Mark realises that the men are under the false impression that he is a 'science expert' and decides the best … and only … thing to do is go with the flow.
So begins Mark's adventures in being an 'accidental expert', a situation he finds himself in on a recurring basis, whether it is as a rock specialist, a writer and actor thrust prematurely upon the stage or a special agent charged with the safe transport of a life-size statue of the Virgin Mary to Ireland. These hilarious and droll accounts of three jobs that went 'horribly wrong' continue the rich tradition of the great Australian yarn – and will appeal to readers who appreciate the unexpected and the bizarre wrapped in a laconic sense of humour.
ISBN: 9781921462894
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Sean Smith

This is the extraordinary tale of an ordinary man's recovery from physical and mental trauma. Over an eight-year period, Sean Smith survived two major car accidents as well as the Bali Bombing in 2002. These incidents left him with significant physical and mental injuries, including obesity and heart problems and set him on a path to likely premature death. At a low point in his life, Sean accepted the challenge from friends to compete in a kayak ultra-marathon. With only seven months' preparation and despite early failures, he persevered. So began his recovery. His enthusiasm for new adventures lit a passion in him for the outdoors – and the Fat Paddler was born.
ISBN: 9781921462313
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A Man of Vision
Hugh Reilly and Kevin Warneke

This is the tale of Edward Flanagan, a young Irish lad shepherding a flock of sheep on a farm in Ballymoe, who became the famed Father Flanagan, founder of America's Boys Town, guardian of thousands of orphaned, neglected and abandoned boys and advisor to presidents.

From a large Irish family, Flanagan suffered through ill health and setbacks to pursue his desire to join the priesthood. Following his older brother and fellow priest to the plains of Nebraska, he served several parishes and opened a hotel for homeless men before finding his life's mission to care for and give a voice to young boys whom society had despaired of and cast aside. Father Flanagan opened his home in 1917 for boys of any race and creed.

In this definitive biography, the authors recount his struggles with drought, fire, lack of funds and sceptical citizens to create a safe haven for these boys. He welcomed Hollywood to Boys Town to recount his story in two films, sent off scores of his boys to do battle in World War II and toured the orphanages of Asia and Europe to report on the needs of children victimised by that war. At the time of his death in 1948, Father Flanagan was seen as one of the world's foremost advocates for children, especially those without parents or relatives to care for them and those judged guilty of some crime and locked away in reform schools or prisons. The legacy of Father Flanagan is one that inspires all who care for the welfare of children today.
ISBN: 9781889322995
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Hope and Healing for Children
Barbara Lonnborg & Thomas Lynch

In 1917 Father Edward J. Flanagan founded his Home for Boys. But it became far more than a simple home for orphans because of the unique character and bold forward-looking principles of its founder. In Flanagan's Home boys of all races and religions were accepted lived together and were treated equally. He welcomed not only boys who were homeless but also those with delinquent pasts. To these boys ho offered rehabilitation not punishment. And while all the boys had chores to do they also attended school participated in sports and music activities and were taught a vocational trade so that they had the means to make a living upon graduation. As the reputation of Boys Town grew Flanagan became a fierce advocate for children on the national and then international stage. In the words of Flanagan and others this book recounts his defence of the disadvantaged in many settings - children from abusive or neglectful homes African-Americans excluded from full rights of citizenship young boys and girls 'sentenced' to the notorious Irish industrial schools interned Japanese-American families and World War II orphans. The remarkable story of Father Flanagan is a legacy that has the power to still inspire and instruct us today.
ISBN: 9781889322568
ISBN 10: 1889322563
The Early Inspirational Writings
Sue Monk Kidd

From the bestselling author of The Secret Life of Bees comes a thoughtful, revelatory book of writings on self and spirit Before she won an international readership with her novels, Sue Monk Kidd was best known for her smart, passionate spiritual writings. Now many of those early stories and essays (most of which first appeared in Guideposts) are collected in one volume, organised around thirteen spiritual motifs. In FIRSTLIGHT, Kidd charts her emergence as a writer and seeker, reflects on her roles as wife, mother, daughter, nurse and artist and assesses what she has learned in settings as far-flung as Africa and her own home. The result is an intimate, uplifting book, filled with moments of recognition and discovery.
ISBN: 9780143112327
ISBN 10:
A Firefighter's Tale
D. S. Literas

FLAMES AND SMOKE VISIBLE is the true story about a veteran fire fighter who was injured on duty. While in the hospital, he is compelled to consider what it means to be. What emerges from his remembrance of things past is a lean and eloquent book about brave and honourable fire fighters who possess the mystery of knowing how to face the living and the dying. Their valiant stories are filled with understated wisdom and humility about the beautiful and dreadful things encountered on duty.

As David Willson, author of REMF Diary: A Novel of the Vietnam War Zone, writes: “With the authority of experience as a professional fire fighter, D.S. Lliteras has written an authentic and entertaining book . . . a beautifully written, riveting account about this profession that is not only a first-rate entertaining book but also a book which informs, instructs, and allows the reader access to the human heart.”
ISBN: 9781937907099
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Eileen Caddy

Eileen Caddy co-founder of the world famous Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland is an ordinary woman who has lived an extraordinary life. She has allowed herself to be a channel for her still small voice within that she recognises as the word of God. She has always followed it fearlessly and with total obedience. Her early life showed no sign that it would be anything other than thousands of others of her generation - marriage children a quiet life of domesticity and child rearing. However when Peter Caddy burst into her life everything changed. Eileen's life was turned upside down and the journey both outer and inner to Findhorn had begun. It is now 50 years ago since Eileen first heard that voice announcing Be still and know that I am God. Her life since then has not been easy. There was the hell of her dark night of the soul when life seemed to hold no more meaning for her. Losing her home and living for years in a tiny caravan next to a rubbish dump with Peter and their three boys. Eventually even losing her husband and partner to another woman - the man with whom she had worked to create the Findhorn was suddenly no longer there to support her. But somehow Eileen's faith and trust in God have helped her to adjust to all the challenges and changes in her life. Now in her 80s she continues to be an inspiration and beacon of hope to millions around the world. She still lives in the centre of the Findhorn Community and is a source of stability continuity and wisdom for each new generation of people drawn there.
ISBN: 9781899171644
ISBN 10: 1899171649

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The Life and Work of Wayne Shorter
Michelle Mercer

Saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter has not only left his footprints on our musical terrain, he has created a body of work that is a monument to artistic imagination. Throughout Shorter's extraordinary fifty-year career, his compositions have helped define the sounds of each distinct era in the history of jazz.

Filled with musical analysis by Mercer, enlivened by Shorter's vivid recollections and enriched by more than seventy-five original interviews with his friends and associates, this book is at once an invaluable history of music from bebop to pop, an intimate and moving biography and a story of a man's struggle toward the full realization of his gifts and of himself.

Hardly anyone will dispute Shorters's overall importance as one of jazz's leading figures over a long span of time. Though indebted to a great extent to John Coltrane, with whom he practiced in the mid-'50s while still an undergraduate, Shorter eventually developed his own more succinct manner on tenor sax, retaining the tough tone quality and intensity and, in later years, adding an element of funk.

Shorter has played with the greats of jazz during his career including Horace Silver, Maynard Ferguson, Art Blakey, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis, becoming the bands most prolific composer. In 1970, Shorter, along with his old cohorts, formed the band Weather Report and went on to tour with the likes of Santana and has also featured on albums from the Rolling Stones. In 2006, Blue Note released the long awaited 'Blue Note's Great Sessions: Wayne Shorter.'
ISBN: 9781585424689
ISBN 10:

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Martin Gray

Ever-breathtaking in its scope and powerful range of emotions FOR THOSE I LOVED returns in a new edition to tell again of the 14-year-old Jewish boy who masterminded a smuggling ring to sneak provisions into the Warsaw Ghetto to feed those starving. He then became the 17-year-old who escaped certain death at Treblinka to return to the ghetto and fight heroically in the uprising the 19-year-old who became an officer in the Red Army with a special prerogative to hunt down fugitive Nazis and the 35-year-old who having made a fortune in America retired to France with his wife and family only to have everything taken from him again. Yet as always he chose courage over despair and lived on to tell the true story - all for those he loved. In the years after FOR THOSE I LOVED was first published Martin Gray received thousands of letters from readers telling him how the book had inspired them and forever altered their lives. It's not difficult to understand their adoration for a book that defies easy categorisation. It's an inspiring story of hope; an uplifting memoir; a unique Holocaust story; a riveting history lesson; a horrifying glance at the darkest depths of the human soul and a triumphant celebration of the indomitable human spirit. This all-new edition features a revealing new opening chapter by Martin Gray and a photo-essay about his family and recent work to teach and inspire young people in France.
ISBN: 9781571745279
ISBN 10: 1571745270

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The Untold Story of Kastur Gandhi
Arun & Sunanda Gandhi Foreword by Lord Richard Attenborough

You've read about the man who became a legend, now read the human being (The Husband, The Father, The Man) as seen through the eyes of his wife and grandson. The biography of the woman in his life. The incredible woman known simply as 'Ba'; (Mother), to millions of people in India, her story untold until now. Together since childhood, she knew the flaws and human frailties of the man behind the legend. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and his wife Sunanda spent almost thirty years gathering the material for this book, which dicloses personal facts and details never reported in any other Gandhi biography. ** Also contains never-before-published photographs. **
ISBN: 9781886940772
ISBN 10:

Kit Tremaine

ISBN: 9780931892738
ISBN 10: 0931892732

Marjorie G. Jones

This is the first full-length biography of British historian Frances Yates, author of such acclaimed works as Giordano Bruno and The Hermetic Tradition and The Art of Memory, one of the most influential nonfiction books of the twentieth century.

Jones's book explores Yates' remarkable life and career and her interest in the mysterious figure of Giordano Bruno and the influence of the Hermetic tradition on the culture of the Renaissance. Her revolutionary way of viewing history, literature, art and the theatre as integral parts of the cultural picture of the time period did much to shape modern interdisciplinary approaches to history and literary criticism. Jones focuses not only on the particulars of Yates' life, but, also, sheds light on the tradition of female historians of her time and their contributions to Renaissance scholarship. In addition to her insightful commentary on Yates' academic work, Jones quotes from Frances' diaries and the writings of those who were close to her, to shed light on Yates' private life.

This biography is significant for those with an interest in literary criticism, women's history, scientific history or the intellectual atmosphere of postwar Britain, as well as those interested in the Hermetic tradition.
ISBN: 9780892541331
ISBN 10:
The Autobiography of Judith Hubback
Judith Hubback

Jungian analyst Judith Hubback is interested in studying change and the resistance to it in both patients and analysts as well as enabling people to develop their full potential. She describes how she became a leading analyst in mid-life after working as a teacher journalist broadcaster and social researcher. She reveals how she assisted patients in finding their own inner helper and how a special kind of listening can foster therapeutic relating. She traces her own psychological progress and experience in analysis; shares insights on the nature of analysis spirituality feminist issues and patients’ dreams; and explores links between depth psychology and world affairs.
ISBN: 9781888602258
ISBN 10: 1888602252
An Ivy Leaguer's Inner City Odyssey
Joseph Holland

As a diplomat's son, star athlete and Harvard Law School graduate, in the early 1980s, Joseph Holland had a world of opportunities awaiting him on Wall Street and in corporate America. Instead, Holland moved to the inner city, driven by a divine calling full of unfolding mystery and challenge. He found himself in Harlem during the nadir of its blight and endeavoured to contribute to a neighbourhood that was tough in every sense of the word. A Republican among Democrats, a privileged Southern scion among working-class Northerners, Holland earned his stripes as an entrepreneur/activist embracing a vision of personal and community transformation. A five-year sojourn became a three-decade commitment, as his Harlem-based career morphed from practising law to empowering the homeless, to running small businesses, to writing plays, to serving in politics, to building housing—all aimed at revitalising a beaten-down, dream-deferred cultural mecca haunted by poignant memories of its glory days in the early twentieth century.

Part memoir, part cultural and political history of Harlem, and part vividly depicted tour guide, FROM HARLEM WITH LOVE is filled with wittily mordant insights into a neighbourhood that has touched the highs and reached the lows and yet remains indisputably one of the most written about and vital centres of African American culture.
ISBN: 9781590563229
ISBN 10:
Memoir of a Call to Awaken
Deborah DeNicola

A poet, dream analyst and college professor, DeNicola, writes about her struggle to live in the ordinary world of academia while honouring the competing call of the creative and the spiritual. DeNicola's memoir shows her range of intellectual pursuits and spiritual experiences as she battles an inner war between depressive cynicism and faith and shares her lifelong search to heal the trauma of her father's tragic death when she was a teenager. Struggles between cynicism and faith, depression and hope, independence and attachment, creativity and financial security in the midst of spiritual searching, motherhood, teaching and writing are inextricably woven into the fabric of her story. Sharing the process of her awakening and how dreams and visions guide her, DeNicola stirs readers to listen courageously to their own inner voices.

Her visionary quest takes her to the American West, Israel and Southern France. Along the way she weaves together references from the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels, the story of Mary Magdalene, mediaeval history, the Templar Knights, the Black Madonnas, String Theory and quantum physics to find the repeated linkage between divinity and humanity.
ISBN: 9780892541485
ISBN 10:

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