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Building Relationships, Earning Trust, and Creating Influence Around the World
Catherine Lee

Because of the fast-changing global marketplace and growing demand for cultural solutions, successfully negotiating across borders has become a key for building business and increase revenues for most major companies. Most other countries embrace negotiating as part of their everyday activity - virtually everything is negotiable.

But many business professionals lack the skills to manage an interaction, identify the other party's needs and reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Trying to do all that in a foreign country just makes it more difficult! The aggressive, competitive, “shoot-from-the-hip” style of many corporations is simply not appropriate to many other cultures.

It includes detailed analyses for doing business in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Europe, the Eastern Bloc countries and South America.
ISBN: 9781564149732
ISBN 10: 1564149730

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Cutting Edge Strategies to Make You the Leader You Were Born to Be
Robert C. McMillan

While today's global economy is experiencing a significant cycle of outsourcing across industries, leadership cannot be outsourced; it must be organically transformed. THE NEXT GEN LEADER will show you how to discard outworn traditions and become the next-generation leader you were born to be! It is a system designed to help you maximise individual, team and organisational leadership potential, regardless of your position, pay or power.

THE NEXT GEN LEADER will introduce you to:
· Assessments to identify and master leadership networks and styles.
· Leadership traits, features and profiles to maximise individual, team
and organisational success.
· Secrets to increase performance, value and productivity, leading to
promotion and increased pay.
· Coaching exercises to accelerate and measure progress,
performance and results.
ISBN: 9781601633095
ISBN 10:
The Essential Guide to Creating Attention-Grabbing Cover Letters that Get Interviews and Job Offers
Arnold Boldt & Wendy Enelow

In today's competitive job market if your covering letter doesn't grab the interviewer's attention he or she may never even glance at your CV. NO-NONSENSE COVER LETTERS gives you the powerful practical tools to write attention-grabbing covering letters that complement your CV and get you more interviews and job offers. In this companion to No-Nonsense Resumés authors and professional CV writers Wendy Enelow and Arnold Boldt share their insights from 35+ years of combined experience to help you prepare covering letters that will get you noticed. NO-NONSENSE COVER LETTERS begins with a thorough but easy-to understand explanation of the key elements that are vital to creating attention-grabbing letters including: · Why writing a covering letter is all about selling yourself. · How to craft targeted covering letters. · When to use bullets or paragraphs. · How to create e-Letters for today's e-Search environment. Subsequent chapters offer tips on creating winning letters for opportunities in virtually every profession. Each chapter includes sample letters contributed by leading covering letter/CV writers and career consultants worldwide.
ISBN: 9781564149060
ISBN 10: 1564149064
How to Impress Prospective Employers and Ace Any Interview
Arnold G. Boldt

Job interviews have changed dramatically in recent years. Both the format of interviews and the questions that are asked are designed to drill deeply into a candidate's personality and behaviour, not just his or her job qualifications. The cost of hiring and retaining good employees in the 21st century compels employers to be much more careful about whom they hire, leading to a more in-depth approach to interviewing. In this companion to No-Nonsense Resumes and No-Nonsense Cover Letters, Arnold Boldt takes the reader step-by-step from interview preparation to performance to follow-up, in a straightforward, easy-to-follow manner.

NO-NONSENSE JOB INTERVIEWS is a practical, down-to-earth and accessible guide for candidates of any level. It begins with thorough, but easy-to-understand explanations of the 18 different types of job interviews and the key elements of interviewing techniques. Included are the most common and toughest interview questions you'll most likely be asked along with the best way to answer them.

Subsequent chapters offer tips on researching the company, asking the interviewer and evaluating your performance. Included in each chapter are specific tips from professional career coaches, plus samples of thank-you letters and other correspondence related to the job-interview process.
ISBN: 9781564149961
ISBN 10:
The Essential Guide to Creating Attention Grabbing Resumes that get interviews and Job offers
Arnold Boldt & Wendy Enelow

For the first time ever here's a resumé book that clears away the clutter and gets down to the brass tacks of what it takes to write and design a resumé that will get you interviews and job offers. Authors and professional resumé writers Wendy Enelow and Arnold Boldt share their insights knowledge and more than 35 years of combined experience to help you prepare a resumé that will get you noticed not passed over. NO-NONSENSE RESUMES begins with a thorough but easy-to-understand explanation of the key elements that are vital to creating an attention-grabbing resumé including how to: · Strategically position your resumé
· Showcase your skills and achievements
· Format and design a professional-looking resumé
· Select and integrate key words
· Prepare and distribute your electronic resumé

Subsequent chapters offer specific tips on creating winning resumés for job opportunities in virtually every profession: Administration & Clerical; Accounting Banking & Finance; Government; Health Care & Social Services; Hospitality Management & Food Service; Human Resources & Training; Law Enforcement & Legal; Manufacturing & Operations; Sales Marketing & Customer Service; Skilled Trades; and Technology Science & Engineering. Included in each chapter are sample resumés contributed by leading resumé writers and career consultants worldwide.
ISBN: 9781564149053
ISBN 10: 1564149056
What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace
Kenneth L. Lloyd

Most books that deal with ridiculous behaviour in the workplace are premised largely on conjecture, anecdotes and limited data, but that's not the case with OFFICE IDIOTS. Written by Ken Lloyd, one of the foremost experts on jerks at work, this book relies on data from actual workplaces across America to present a sweeping and frighteningly accurate snapshot of the antics of office idiots. Based on thousands of letters to his newspaper column and Website,, this book spotlights office idiots wherever they exist in an organisation, followed by practical advice on what to do and even what to say when you encounter them. In addition to providing a vast array of hands-on (and hands-off!) tools, OFFICE IDIOTS will also show you how to:

_ Deal with the newest cadres of jerks, the Techno-Jerks and
the E-Jerks
_ Deal with some of the most off-the-wall and absurd jerk-like
behaviour in the workplace
_ Avoid enabling behaviour that actually bring out the jerkiness in
_ Make sure you don't become a jerk at work!

The staying power of workplace jerks is legendary. Here's how to survive them!
ISBN: 9781601632685
ISBN 10:
Winning the Game of Power and Politics at Work
Jack Godwin

THE OFFICE POLITICS HANDBOOK is for business executives, managers, consultants, lawyers, agents, editors and anyone who wants to become more politically astute, more powerful and more successful. This is not a book on political game playing; it is for people who hate power games but who know that politics takes place in every organisation and want to make sure they wind up on top of the heap - not at the bottom of the barrel.

This book will explain why people are political animals and why they engage in power-seeking behaviour. It will, also, discuss different instruments of power to help you understand the cultural and collective forces at work in human nature and the occasionally aggressive characteristics of the political animal.

THE OFFICE POLITICS HANDBOOK will show you how to:
· Cultivate your political skill
· Exercise power beyond your place in the organisational chart
· Defend yourself against political attacks
· Know when to fight, when to retreat and when to lead
ISBN: 9781601632791
ISBN 10:
The Most Up-to-date and Authoritative Compendium of Financial Terms
Robert J Shook

From ABC agreement to zeroes (cross-referenced to coupon), the author of Wall Street Dictionary and other business books and a consultant defines some 6,000 terms useful to electronic investing.
ISBN: 9781564145673
ISBN 10: 1564145670

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How to Build Organizations Where Employees Love to Come to Work
Peter Barron Stark and Jane Flaherty

Every organisation faces challenges and hardships. THE ONLY LEADERSHIP BOOK YOU'LL EVER NEED teaches leaders how to overcome their most difficult obstacle: employee engagement. By pinpointing specific areas leaders can focus on and change, this book shows how one leader can effectively change the entire workplace environment - for the better.
Topics addressed include:
· The 10 Keys to Workplace Excellence.
· The 11 Stupid Things Managers Do to Mess Up Workplace
· 76 Strategies to Effectively Lead and Engage Employees.

“Stark and Flaherty expertly show managers how to get a clear, compelling vision of professional excellence... a must-read for anyone who wants to know how to create and retain a team committed to delivering the highest standards to their customers.”
—Anthony Robbins, best-selling author of Awaken the Giant Within andUnlimited Power

“To succeed in business, treat your employees well, and they will treat your customers well. Peter Stark and Jane Flaherty get it! Read this book and keep your people engaged!”
—Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager ®
ISBN: 9781601631183
ISBN 10:
How to Create a Winning Career... Even When You Don't Fit in!
David Couper

Does your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, accent, mannerisms, quirky clothing, piercing or outlook on life make you feel like a fish out of water in your workplace, from the moment your workday begins until you leave at the end of the day?

OUTSIDERS ON THE INSIDE provides specific guidance and simple but effective strategies to help outsiders recharge their careers.

You will learn:
· Crucial marketing strategies to help match your unique
professional qualities with employers and customers.
· A painless, step-by-step process for meeting new people.
· Unique strategies for CVs, covering letters and other job-hunting
· Coping strategies to confront and educate critics.

"A must read for anyone who has ever felt like a square peg in a round hole."
—Ann Johnson, director, management development, Mattel, Inc.

"David's keen insight and penetrating questions enable him to uncover how your innermost feelings [about] being an outsider can reveal unique opportunities for accelerated success."
—Gena Downey, director, music research and administration,
Walt Disney Motion Picture Productions
ISBN: 9781601631275
ISBN 10:
47 Ways to Make Your Organisation Exceptional
John Miller

The bestselling author of QBQ shows how anyone can use the unlimited potential of accountability to create an outstanding organization.
How to be outstanding:

- Deliver what you promise.

- Reward the work ethic, not the workaholic.

- Accept failure as a part of doing business-and learn from it.

- Choose character over credentials.

- Embrace humility-it is not humbling; it is empowering.

Do people fire companies? You bet they do. But anyone can fireproof their organization with the timely and timeless ideas in Outstanding.

Every day outstanding organizations do things that ensure they will retain customers, grow revenues, increase market share, and build their reputations. These successful organiA-zations comprise people who hold values and take actions- individually and collectively-that are simple but not always easy or obvious.

Informed by Miller's own commitment to the power of perA-sonal accountability and enlivened by compelling true stories, Outstanding identifies the principles and behaviors that distinguish such organizations from the pack and provides readers ways to integrate these concepts into their own work and companies.

With its short pithy entries that carry a lot of impact and takeaway value, Outstanding is filled with practical ideas that can-and should-be used every single day by individuals and groups from the boardroom to the stockroom for creating a distinguished organization with which customers and stakeholders will want to work.
ISBN: 9780399156403
ISBN 10:
OVER 40 & YOU'RE HIRED! £12.99
Secrets to Landing a Great Job
Robin Ryan

With unemployment hitting all time highs, the over-forty crowd is struggling to land new jobs. Top career counsellor, Robin Ryan, offers her market-tested program that shows readers how to effectively stand out and appeal to employers amid age discrimination and floods of competition.

In OVER 40 & YOU'RE HIRED!, Robin Ryan will inspire readers to jump-start their careers and secure new, better-paying jobs. She encourages them to tap into the "hidden job market" (where 80 percent of all jobs are found), explains how to create targeted resumes and master the interview and outlines how to overcome any age-related stereotypes they may encounter in their job hunt. Ryan has created a guide of valuable advice and detailed explanations culled from over twenty years of experience as a career counsellor that people over forty will find indispensable as they look for work.
ISBN: 9780143116981
ISBN 10:

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When Winning at Work Means Losing at Life
John R. O'Neil

In all fields, many leaders feel that the costs of their professional victories outweigh the rewards. With nearly 30,000 copies sold, THE PARADOX OF SUCCESS has helped leaders achieve balance in their lives. John O'Neil, a well-known consultant to top business executives, draws on his fascinating studies of long-distance winners' psychological and business strategies to show the way out of this dilemma and help readers find steadiness, renew their lives and reinvigorate their organisations in the process.
ISBN: 9780874777727
ISBN 10: 0874777720
Finding the Balance Between Employment and Enjoyment
Lori Long

Work and family are often opposing forces that cause stress and conflict for parents. The demands of work spill over into family life while personal responsibilities create hurdles in succeeding at your job. However you can solve this problem - and this book can help. THE PARENT'S GUIDE TO FAMILY-FRIENDLY WORK is a career guide to assist you in finding a job that allows a balance between work and family. The book will help you overcome the barriers you might face in your job search understand flexible work options and supportive benefits and learn strategies to search and negotiate an arrangement that works for you and your family. Written by a human resource management professional this book provides advice with a clear understanding of the limitations and legal concerns of most employers. If you decide to forgo traditional employment you'll find here lots of creative ideas on work you can do on your own. This book will also show you how to: · Target family-friendly careers and jobs. · Improve your resume and assure potential employers of your future success. · Evaluate the family-friendly claims of a potential employer. · Negotiate an alternative work arrangement with you current employer. · Keep your skills sharp if you choose to stay at home.
ISBN: 9781564149442
ISBN 10: 1564149447
A Powerful Strategy for Managers Professionals and Employees at all Levels
William Ronco and Jean Ronco

If you've ever tried to really accomplish something new in any organisation or alliance you've encountered the Babel Problem-the tendency for the company to fragment into different even warring factions as everyone tries to protect their own area. Even the most innovative organisations can fall prey to it breaking into groups that not only won't cooperate but may even try to sabotage each other. THE PARTNERING SOLUTION shows employees and managers at every level how to work together with a clear method cutting-edge strategies and practical tools. While many books have stressed the value of partnering-forming strong alliances across departments and between organisations-THE PARTNERING SOLUTION is the first book to show readers how to achieve lasting results in a broad range of applications. Its methods will work equally well for large corporations and professional firms universities and small groups government and voluntary associations. THE PARTNERING SOLUTION features: · Clear description of a partnering method not just a philosophy. · Step-by-step instructions enabling readers to apply partnering strategies to their own specific situations. · Dozens of real-life examples. · Numerous charts graphs and visuals to enhance the book's clarity and value. THE PARTNERING SOLUTION can help readers not only solve partnering problems but tap into the full potential and opportunity partnering offers to foster innovation and higher levels of performance and creativity throughout their organisations.
ISBN: 9781564147899
ISBN 10: 1564147894

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How To Write Effective Patent Applications
Bob Dematteis, Andy Gibbs & Micheal Neustal

If you're an inventor or product developer, it's a huge mistake to try to patent an invention yourself--unless you have a clear understanding of good patent writing. Every year, thousands of uninformed inventors waste their time and money in the false pursuit of worthless patents.
THE PATENT WRITER explains in detail how to write effective patent applications that can be filed for less than $100. In simple layman's terms, the book reveals pertinent patent laws and facts, discusses superior word usage, and explores the methodologies required to ensure that your patents cannot be exploited by others. First-time and experienced inventors / engineers alike will learn how to write powerful patent applications that support and protect their product's potential.
Endorsed by leading inventors, patent attorneys, and government agencies, THE PATENT WRITER takes the mystery out of writing patents. It will save the reader thousands in attorney's fees, speed up product development, and help avoid the consequences of poorly written patent applications.
ISBN: 9780757001765
ISBN 10: 0757001769

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How to Get the Best from Yourself, Your Co-workers, Your Staff
National Seminars

In this handbook, you'll discover how to improve employee motivation through five key areas: team-building, communication, delegation, recognition, and financial incentives. You'll learn what works and what doesn't in today's volatile, ever-changing business environment. You'll explore dozens of fresh ideas, proven management techniques, and exciting new discoveries guaranteed to put your people on the fast track to peak performance.

Here's just some of what you'll learn...
-Find out what your people really want out of their jobs.
-Discover the important difference between job satisfiers and job motivators.
-How and when to use delegation to motivate, empower, and encourage your people.
-Discover the right and wrong ways to use recognition as a powerful motivational tool.
-Become a respected mentor while avoiding the "three deadly sins" of mentoring others.
-Communicate more powerfully, openly, and honestly with your employees.
ISBN: 9781564145550
ISBN 10: 1564145557

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10 Proven Strategies for Winning the Clients Everyone wants
Nancy Michaels

In Perfecting Your Pitch, Nancy Michaels demonstrates step-by-step how to close the deal of a lifetime by making the pitch of a lifetime. Her 10 proven strategies show readers how to execute their pitch by following each phase of new business development: preparation, presentation, and post-pitch follow-up.Perfecting Your Pitch offers inspiring stories, real-life examples, and proven strategies in each phase of business development. It breaks down the process of building business into easy steps, including: Before: * Identifying ideal prospects. * Reaching top-level people within a prospect's company. * Seeing and being seen in the prospect's network. * Cultivating relationships with potential allies. During: * Showcasing your expertise. * Submitting an outstanding proposal. * Anticipating questions and concerns. After: * Persistently following-up with prospects while maintaining their respect. * Applying creative marketing in all areas. * Turning all clients into advocates (taking the testimonial one giant step forward).
ISBN: 9781564147776
ISBN 10: 1564147770
Create a Professional Life Full of Optimism, Energy and Impact
Dr Gary Gabel

In today's world many of us take on a victim mentality, which assumes that other people and events are controlling our lives and ultimately determining our success and happiness. Personal Takeover provides insight and powerful tools to help anyone and everyone regain control of their professional and personal lives. It contains strategies and techniques that will help you feel personally empowered to take ownership of who you are and what you do and to begin a journey toward more productive outcomes.
Launching a personal takeover is not something that is done overnight. Personal Takeover provides a process that will help you gain the knowledge and tools necessary to launch it successfully. You will learn how to rewrite your negathoughts, how to create a daily mindset, and how to help others you care about get out of the "victim mode."
ISBN: 9781564146465
ISBN 10: 1564146464

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Powerful Tools and Techniques to Collect Your Receivables, Manage Your Payables and Fuel Your Growth
Robert Cooke

This book covers cash flow continuum-from finding cash to start a business, to finding places to save cash and control expenses, to predicting and planning cash flow, to dealing with excess cash. It is written in simple, modern language, and speaks to everyday people who seek help in: keeping more of their sales dollars, making the right decisions about hiring, equipment purchases, obtaining funds from lenders and investors, and keeping their expenditures in line. This book will help the novice or experienced business owner find the hidden treasures that might be buried in business operations. Each area of business that affects cash flow is examined, with discussions about how its effect on cash flow can be improved. The reader will also find assistance with the complex task of projecting cash flow and changing plans as necessary to make sure that there will be adequate cash for operation at all times.
ISBN: 9781564146779
ISBN 10: 1564146774

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