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Proven Effective Treatments for Adults & Children
Jay S. Cohen

Over the last few years, several powerful and expensive migraine drugs have become available through prescription. Unfortunately, although many work, most have side effects that can cause individuals to stop treatment. For anyone who has yet to find relief from migraine attacks, best-selling author, Dr. Jay Cohen - a leading authority on the dangers of prescription drugs - offers a concise and practical guide to alternative treatments that are just as effective as their conventional counterparts, but are naturally safe.

The book begins by explaining what migraines are. It then examines some of today’s more popular migraine drugs, exploring both their effectiveness and their side effects. The remainder of the book provides a comprehensive listing of the most valuable natural migraine products available. Each entry includes an easy-to-understand explanation of what the product is, how it works and what the recommended dosage is. When necessary, the author shares additional cautions and considerations.

The remedy that works for one person may not work for another. This book provides a range of safe treatments so that - without suffering harmful reactions - you can find the solution that will resolve your migraine pain once and for all.
ISBN: 9780757003585
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365 Meditations for Transcending Chronic Pain and Illness
J.S. Dorian

A meditation for every day of the year. Ties in with CRP titles A Day without Pain and Pain Recovery.
Easy-to-read and follow with a visually appealing format. Author is in long-term recovery. Meditations are based on the author's vast personal experience with living with chronic pain. Perfect for anyone living with chronic pain and illness. Original meditations, keyed to the struggles and challenges faced by those with chronic illness and pain.
ISBN: 9781936290666
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Combating Acidosis Correctly
Dr Wolfgang R Auer

Most people are familiar with the concept of a negative shift in pH balance (also called the acid/alkaline balance), but most are unaware of its relationship to other health problems and diseases. Acidosis--a condition in which the body is excessively acidic--is often at the root of many common health complaints. Acidosis can affect every level of the human body, including mental outlook, metabolism, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and chromosomes. All too often, acidosis-related health problems are not recognized for what they are and are diagnosed as incurable or treated improperly. Many people are led to believe that they have no choice but to learn to live with the assorted complications of acidosis without knowing exactly what they're up against.
As Dr. Wolfgang Auer explains, this condition and its consequences can be prevented and reversed. In "The Acid Danger," you'll find the basic ideas and facts about acidosis. You'll learn about the causes of this condition and steps you can take to cure or prevent the problem.

If you suspect that you have acidosis, reading this book can help you avoid misdiagnosis and unsuccessful treatment. It is up to you to take control of your health. "The Acid Danger" provides the tools, but you must use them to regain good health.
ISBN: 9781591200802
ISBN 10: 1591200806

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A Parent's Healing Touch
Donna Finando

Techniques that allow parents to be active agents in providing relief and healing when illness occurs in their children

• Reveals the importance of touch in both childhood development and healing

• Details acupoint and trigger point therapy techniques for most common childhood ailments, including asthma

• Identifies when to seek professional help vs. situations that can be handled at home

Touch is critical to the development of babies and children. It establishes both their sense of self and their connectedness to the rest of the world. Donna Finando shows that touch is also key to restoring health when illness occurs. As a mother and grandmother, she has experienced the frustration and helplessness of watching a sick child suffer. As an acupuncturist and massage practitioner, she has found there are many simple ways parents can provide relief and even healing for many common ailments that afflict children by using touch therapy.

Trigger point therapy releases restricted muscles and acupressure allows energy to flow freely, activating the body’s remarkable healing abilities. Colds, sore throats, ear infections, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and even asthma are some of the common conditions that can be relieved by touch therapy. Finando presents an in-depth explanation of each condition, providing information on causative factors, dietary and behavior recommendations, point techniques that can offer relief, and when to seek medical help. The gentle techniques that form this healing practice also extend to other parent-child interactions, offering a comprehensive model for the care and nurturing of children.
ISBN: 9781594771897
ISBN 10: 1594771898

Bernard Kolster & Astrid Waskowiak

Trouble sleeping, sensitive stomach, headaches, joint problems, allergies: Sensory ailments such as these have been steadily increasing in Western countries for decades. Acupressure massage along the body's meridians in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine can effectively prevent and treat all of these disorders and more. THE ACUPRESSURE ATLAS is a fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide that demonstrates how acupressure techniques activate and accelerate the body's self-healing powers to alleviate many health problems, including even the common cold.

Acupressure confers a holistic health benefit that prevents disorder from arising by harmonising and balancing the body's energies. It is particularly suited to self-treatment, the treatment of a partner and especially the treatment of children. Along with an introduction to the origins and principles of traditional Chinese medicine, THE ACUPRESSURE ATLAS provides the most important basic techniques as well as step-by-step instructions, illustrated in full colour, of the practical and specific information needed to put the healing techniques of acupressure at your fingertips.
ISBN: 9781594772078
ISBN 10: 159477207X
For Chronic Pain and Injuries
Hans-Ulrich Hecker and Kay Liebchen

Sufferers of chronic pain well know the frustration of treatments involving endless rounds of drugs or expensive physical therapy - that may or may not offer relief. In ACUPRESSURE TAPING authors Hecker and Liebchen present a comprehensive guide to a new method of pain treatment - acutaping - which offers a much simpler and more effective alternative. In acutaping elastic tape is placed over the afflicted area in accordance with related acupuncture points. During the course of normal movement throughout the day the elastic tape provides a gentle but consistent massage to the inflamed area. Because the skin adheres to the tape it is shifted against the subtissue during motion causing lymph tissue to drain and connective tissue to be massaged. Step-by-step instructions are illustrated in full colour detailing how to self-treat pain in all parts of the body. The authors show how most bodily dysfunctions can be self-treated through this innovative method. In combining elements of Chinese medicine with osteopathy acutaping produces a method of treatment for ailments ranging from chronic back pain and tennis elbow to menstrual pain and migraines. Acutaping is an easy and effective treatment - without side effects - that offers welcome relief to sufferers of chronic pain.
ISBN: 9781594771484
ISBN 10: 1594771480

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Well-being and pain relief at your fingertips
Julian Kenyon

These easily learned and mastered methods are designed for individuals seeking to alleviate their own physical ailments. They center around using deep finger and thumb pressure over acupuncture points to enhance the natural energy flow of the body. Practical and fully illustrated, this book also includes a chapter dealing with various sports injuries, from tennis elbow to pulled hamstrings."

This guide to the effective use of acupressure can treat a wide range of conditions, from migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome to tennis elbow and tendonitis. Designed for individuals seeking to alleviate their own physical ailments, these easily mastered methods use deep finger and thumb pressure over acupuncture points to enhance the natural energy flow of the body.
ISBN: 9780892816415
ISBN 10: 0892816414

Mark Seem

A leading practitioner offers a new approach to acupuncture that integrates Eight-Principle and Five-Phase diagnosis. Includes case histories and a workbook for treatment strategies.
ISBN: 9780892814350
ISBN 10: 0892814357
ACUPUNCTURE IMAGING (New Edition) £10.99
Perceiving The Energy Pathways of the Body
Mark Seem

A pioneer in the field of body energetics Mark Seem explains in ACUPUNCTURE IMAGING how bodyworkers and their clients can develop a clear understanding of the energetic systems of the bodymind to arrive at a personal approach and treatment style in acupuncture and all other meridian therapies. He shows how to recast and reconceptualise physical emotional and psychological problems in terms of disrupted energy flow enabling readers to see feel and experience these disturbances in a way that allows for change. By approaching the meridian systems in visual and sensory terms a practitioner is able to tell the energetic 'story' that he or she is exploring with a patient thereby guiding and assisting the healing process. ACUPUNCTURE IMAGING will be of great help to students teachers practitioners and patients of the diverse energetic and meridian therapies particularly shiatsu and acupressure as well as psychotherapists and those interested in Eastern concepts of medicine.
ISBN: 9780892811878
ISBN 10: 0892811870
Safe and Effective Methods for Using Acupuncture in Pain Relief
Leon Chaitow

Leon Chaitow presents a method of effective pain control for use by those in the healing professions - acupuncturists surgeons general practitioners osteopaths chiropractors physiotherapists and trained nurses - as an adjunct to their normal course of therapy. Included are sections on: how acupuncture works; how and when to use acupuncture; acupuncture for pain relief; auricular acupuncture; acupuncture anaesthesia; acupuncture and addiction. The author also provides a complete formulary for the treatment of pain in every part of the body. Now widely acknowledged by mainstream health care professionals acupuncture can offer a much needed alternative for dealing with the causes of discomfort and disease. Leon Chaitow is a practicing naturopath osteopath and acupuncturist. He is the Director of postgraduate studies at the British Naturopathic and Osteopathic College and consulting editor to the Journal of Alternative Medicine. Leon has written many books on health and alternative medicine for both lay and professional readers.
ISBN: 9780892813834
ISBN 10: 0892813830
Herbs for Strength Stamina and Stress Relief
David Winston & Steven Maimes

We all deal with stress every day and every day our bodies strive to adapt and stay balanced and healthy. In ADAPTOGENS authors David Winston and Steven Maimes provide a comprehensive look into adaptogens non-toxic herbs such as ginseng eleuthero and liquorice that produce a defensive response to stress in our bodies. Formerly known as rejuvenating herbs or tonics adaptogens help the body to adapt to the many influences it encounters. They increase stamina and counter the normal effects of aging and thus are becoming important tools in sports medicine and in the prevention and treatment of chronic fatigue and other stress-related disorders. · Reveals how adaptogens increase the body's resistance to adverse influences · Provides a history of the use of these herbal remedies and the actions, properties, preparation and dosage for each herb Winston and Maimes present the historical uses of these herbal remedies in India Russia China and the Americas and explain how they work and why they are so effective at combating stress-induced illness. Monographs for each adaptogen also present the latest scientific research and include the origin traditional use actions properties preparation and dosage for each herb.
ISBN: 9781594771583
ISBN 10: 1594771588

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Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease
Donald R. Yance

Weaving together the ancient wisdom of herbalism and the most up-to-date scientific research on cancer, aging and nutrition, renowned herbalist and clinical nutritionist, Donald Yance, reveals how to master stress, improve energy levels, prevent degenerative disease and age gracefully with the elite herbs known as adaptogens. Yance's holistic approach, called the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS), is based on extensive scientific research, more than 25 years of clinical practice and excellent results with thousands of patients. It centres on four interconnected groups of health tools: botanical formulations, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle. Defining four categories for adaptogenic herbs, he explains how formulations should combine herbs from each category to create a synergistic effect. He provides more than 60 monographs on herbs and nutritional compounds as well as custom combinations to revitalise the immune system, build cardiovascular health, protect brain function, manage weight and support cancer treatment. He explains the interplay of endocrine health, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, thyroid function and stress in the aging process and reveals how adaptogenic treatment begins at the cellular level with the mitochondria - the microscopic energy producers present in every living cell.

Emphasising spirituality, exercise and diet, in addition to herbal treatments and nutritional supplements, Yance's complete lifestyle programme explores how to enhance energy production in the body and subdue the pro-inflammatory state that lays the groundwork for nearly every degenerative disease, taking you from merely surviving to thriving.

· Explains how adaptogenic herbs work at the cellular level to enhance energy production and subdue the pro-inflammatory state behind degenerative disease
· Explores the author's custom adaptogenic blends for the immune system, cardiovascular health, thyroid function, brain health and cancer treatment support
· Provides more than 60 monographs on herbs and nutritional compounds based on more than 25 years of clinical practice with thousands of patients
ISBN: 9781620551004
ISBN 10:

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A Comprehensive Look at Contributing Factors and Natural Treatments for Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity
Rachel Bell and Dr Howard Peiper

This important book will provide the type of answers that are needed to make an informed choice for safer, better, easier and less expensive treatments for ADD and ADHD. People with ADD/ADHD may be fine one minute and off the wall the next. This apparent random type of behaviour may not be random at all. It may be caused by food, environmental allergens or a host of other factors. This book may help direct the reader to a more effective treatment

This book answers such questions as :

· Is the problem hereditary?
· What really is ADD/ADHD?
· Can diet contribute to fatigue and depression?
· What is commonly misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD?
· Can maldigestion contribute to behavioural problems?
· Is there a connection between chemical fumes and learning ability?
ISBN: 9781884820298
ISBN 10:

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Liberating Yourself from Sugar, Caffeine, Food Addictions, Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs
Brigitte Mars

The first comprehensive guide to overcoming addictions by using" natural remedies that rebuild health for both body and mind from the inside out.
•Covers a full range of natural remedies, including herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essence remedies, color therapy, acupressure, and more.
•" Addresses many different substances, such as caffeine and chocolate, and discusses how the body deals with withdrawal, detoxification, and repatterning.
•" The natural remedies included in this book can be used in conjunction with conventional therapies.
•" By well-known author Brigitte Mars, who has 30 years of experience with natural therapies and is the formulator for UniTea Herbs.

Addiction is one of the most serious health issues facing our twenty-first century culture. Modern lifestyles encourage us to consume excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar and to unwind from our stressful lives with tobacco or alcohol. Left untreated, some addictions can cause metabolic damage, leading to heart disease, high blood pressure, and immune disorders--as well as causing nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, and depression."
Addiction-Free--Naturally offers gentle but effective ways to ease cravings and nourish the body, as well as information on cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and using natural remedies for stress relief. The remedies can be used in conjunction with conventional therapies, such as psychotherapy or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The author also offers advice on designing a personal program to break addiction and finding a health care professional or program to offer expert guidance as you walk the road to recovery.
ISBN: 9780892818921
ISBN 10: 0892818921

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The Science of Essential Oil Therapy
Kurt Schnaubelt

Aromatherapy is the fastest-growing segment of the alternative therapy industry - an effective and deeply pleasurable way to maintain well-being. Kurt Schnaubelt a chemist and longtime aromatherapist here provides scientific proof for the efficacy of essential oils explained clearly and logically. ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY draws on the most recent research to demonstrate how essential oils work on the cells of the body and microbes found within the body. These chemical changes affect emotional states as well as physical ones. ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY turns the art of essential oils into good medicine for the next century. ¨ ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY explains how to treat symptoms ranging from hay fever to stress disorders with predictable results ¨ An essential textbook for aromatherapy practitioners
ISBN: 9780892817436
ISBN 10: 0892817437

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A Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
Gotz Blome

-A major advancement in the scientific use of flower essences.
-Lists 200 clinically proven combinations of Bach Flower essences for treating specific conditions.
-Targets the source of problems, not their outer manifestations.

Each of us has a unique psychic structure that affects our emotions, thoughts, and actions. We can develop harmoniously or have unbalanced reactions that can cause illness and psychosomatic conditions. The strength of Bach Flower therapy lies in its ability to treat these pathologies, restore balance, and free us from the physical manifestations of problems that are often psychic and emotional in origin. An indispensable addition to existing Bach Flower works, Advanced Bach Flower Therapy contains three significant new features that are essential for reliable diagnosis and treatment, and make practical use much easier:
-A new comprehensive, psychologically sensitive explanation for each individual remedy
-A detailed description of more than 200 proven combinations that target the source of the problem rather than simply addressing its symptoms
-A comprehensive repertory of symptoms and illnesses with extensive advice and suggestions for treatment
User-friendly and scientifically rigorous, Advanced Bach Flower Therapy is the most important tool yet for anyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of floral essences.
ISBN: 9780892818280
ISBN 10: 089281828X
Enhancing Chi Energy in the Vital Organs
Mantak Chia

From the Taoist point of view, good health depends upon the free flow of chi - healthy life-force energy - throughout the body. Taoists refer to healthy chi as good wind. When energy is trapped in the body it stagnates and becomes negative, manifesting in the symptoms of physical or emotional illness. Taoists call this negative energy sick or evil wind. The advanced Chi Nei Tsang practices focus on mastering these winds. They include techniques for developing sensitivity to sick winds, releasing internal energy blockages and chasing sick winds from the body to re-establish a healthy flow of energy.

Negative energies caused by stress, tension and the effects of past illnesses tend to accumulate in the naval centre, so the advanced Chi Nei Tsang techniques use elbow pressure on specific reflex points around the navel to release energy blockages associated with each internal organ. They also work with wind access points found near the standard acupuncture points. These advanced practices build upon the organ detoxification and rejuvenation practices introduced in Chi Nei Tsang, allowing the practitioner to work intensively at an energetic level toward the restoration of optimum health and well-being.

• Works with the navel centre, where negative emotions, stress and illness accumulate

• Presents advanced techniques to release negative energy from the body and re-establish a healthy flow of vital energy to internal tissues and organs
ISBN: 9781594770555
ISBN 10:
AHCC £10.99

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The Medical Breakthrough in Natural Immunotherapy
Fred Pescatore

The lowly mushroom, grown quietly, in the dark, has suddenly sprung onto the health scene as a miracle cure. Once castigated as a mere fungus, the mushroom has acquired a signature cachet in the form of Active Hexose-Correlated Compound (AHCC), a nutritional product made from healing mushrooms fermented in rice bran. AHCC is used in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan, mainly in cancer treatment.

THE SCIENCE OF AHCC reveals what the Japanese have known for decades: AHCC is as well-researched as any conventional prescription drug. The quality control of AHCC is so stringent that it would easily qualify as a licensed pharmaceutical, but the manufacturers believe that this would limit its availability to the many people in Japan—healthy people, who use it as a preventive as well as for a variety of other purposes. Because it is actually a mushroom-based food, even though it is often made available in capsule form, it is extremely safe for anyone to take, including children, pets, frail elderly people and patients who have undergone surgery.

THE SCIENCE OF AHCC explores AHCC in depth, explaining:

· how it is manufactured
· how it is used in clinics in Japan and other parts of the world
· its safety and efficacy
· the scientific evidence supporting its striking versatility and profound effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions
ISBN: 9781591202806
ISBN 10:

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Clean Air is Vital to Your Health
Beatrice Trum Hunter

Normal breathing indoors and outside may also involve inhaling PCBs, soot, ozone, formaldehyde, radon, radiation, or asbestos fibrils, among other substances. This book is important reading for everyone who wants to know how air quality relates to health and how it can be improved in their personal environments.
ISBN: 9781591200574
ISBN 10: 1591200571
A Guide to Spiritual Physical and Transformational Healing
Nicki Scully

ALCHEMICAL HEALING brings together innovative techniques of shamanism and energetic healing with the principles of alchemy creating a practical form of physical healing therapeutic counselling and spiritual growth. The author provides ways to integrate spirit and matter to develop communications between divinity and humanity to retrieve knowledge and to influence physical reality in order to achieve healing and transformation. With simple directions readers are guided through attunements and empowerments that access the Universal Life Force energy and a five-element system for healing themselves and others. They learn powerful techniques such as psychic surgery distant healing and how to work with power animals and plant mineral and elemental spirit guides. ALCHEMICAL HEALING presents a sacred journey into the most profound principles and mysteries of creation. It offers both an art form and a spiritual path that develops one's ability to co-create the future with the wisdom of the spirit world. ¨ Explores how to turn the base substance of who you are-the dark mystery of your subconscious-into the alchemical gold of knowledge and enlightenment ¨ Includes techniques of distant healing and working with power animals and plant mineral and elemental spirits ¨ Shows how to utilise the Universal Life Force to reawaken inherent healing abilities
ISBN: 9781591430155
ISBN 10: 1591430151

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