Past Lives & Crystal Skulls: The Secrets of Time Continuing the Journey of a Soul . . .

Paulinne Delcour-Min

HOLY ICE takes us on a breath-taking journey through time, to the heart of the mystery of the crystal skulls. Revered by shamans, held by indigenous peoples, displayed in the museums of the world, the crystal skulls are ancient artefacts that can inspire us to awaken to our power.

Change is coming: global warming, pollution. Today's environmental crisis shows that the old ways aren't working. We can't stop change, but we can choose to work with it and bring in a Golden Age. In HOLY ICE, past life memories researched through regression span from Atlantis to the present day, building a cosmic vision for the future.
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
Here are the secrets of time.




Activate the Healing Power of Chakras with Everyday Rituals

Ambi Kavanagh

The key to optimal health and well-being is within us, in powerful energy centres called chakras. Ancient cultures understood the sacred healing power of chakras and that self-care aligned with nature. In CHAKRAS & SELF-CARE, you'll engage in a series of meditative exercises that activate and balance each of your seven main chakras. Reiki master and wellness expert Ambi Kavanagh also offers daily and seasonal rituals to show us that true prevention not only comes from the ways we care for our bodies, but the ways we spend our energy. CHAKRAS & SELF-CARE features: · Affirmation, visualization, and activation exercises to align and balance each chakra for improved energetic flow · A comprehensive guide to the seven main chakras plus astrological and elemental correspondences and goddess archetypes · Essential oil blend recipes and sacred stones to open and support each chakra · Daily rituals to recharge and restore your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health · Seasonal energy rituals to reconnect with nature's rhythms and lunar cycles.


40 Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Their Grown-Ups to Feel Calm, Focused and Happy

Sally Arnold

Mindfulness reduces anxiety and stress, improves focus and concentration, and creates calm - all attributes parents want for their kids. But what happens if you don't know how to practice mindfulness yourself? How do you teach it to your child? PAINT A DOUBLE RAINBOW provides 40 mindfulness activities for you and your child to do together, so you both reap the benefits as you develop a deeper connection. Whether you're savouring silent sandwiches, sharing moonlight gratitudes, or taking a chalk walk, this charming book helps you develop a mindful toolbox, incorporate mindfulness into your daily lives, and create deep and lasting bonds..






The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves Less Really is So Much More

Courtney Carver

In PROJECT 333, minimalist expert and author of Soulful Simplicity Courtney Carver takes a new approach to living simply—starting with your wardrobe. PROJECT 333 promises that not only can you survive with just 33 items in your closet for 3 months, but you'll thrive just like the thousands of woman who have taken on the challenge and never looked back. Let the de-cluttering begin!

Ever ask yourself how many of the items in your closet you actually wear? In search of a way to pare down on her expensive shopping habit, consistent lack of satisfaction with her purchases, and ever-growing closet, Carver created Project 333. In this book, she guides readers through their closets item-by-item, sifting through all the emotional baggage associated with those oh-so strappy high-heel sandals that cost a fortune but destroy your feet every time you walk more than a few steps to that extensive collection of never-worn little black dresses, to locate the items that actually look and feel like you.