Alana Fairchild

Fairchild is a spiritual teacher with an international client base and teaches
all around the world. Alana has a unique approach to her work, using music,
voice, live channelling and spiritual energy to offer an experience of the
divine. She often describes her work as being that of a soul whisperer, shaman,
priestess and spiritual alchemist combined. On less verbally-playful days,
Alana is a spiritual teacher and healer. When she connects with another person,
change happens and the Soul blossoms.Life becomes more vibrant. It just
happens. It is divine grace. 

Alana has
always been in conscious connection with Spirit. She felt the call at age nine,
offering guidance to her fellow classmates in a school-yard healing centre
(under the tree, by the back gate in the playground). Alana has a distinct
memory from that time of knowing what she was meant to be in a guiding role but
that, at age nine, she needed some more life experience!style='mso-spacerun:yes'> 

Just over a
decade later, Alana had tertiary degrees in literature and law as well as
training in numerous creative healing fields including psychotherapy and
counselling, dance, music, meditation, channelling and energy healing, which
she integrated into a unique soulful healing practice. Why did Alana leave a
corporate career behind and choose such a bohemian lifestyle? Alana realised
that if she was actually going to enjoy her life on this planet, she needed
something that enlivened rather than depleted her Soul. Turning her passion for
metaphysics and healing into a full-time adventure has been a profound
experience and she has never looked back. 

fifteen years later, the work has evolved into subtle, powerful healings
through sound, energy transmission and divine grace and is constantly
re-creating and evolving itself. 

work includes the Crystal Spirituality series of books, starting with the
best-selling Crystal Angels 444, as well as sacred music, meditation CDs &
DVD’s and oracle decks, including the internationally-translated Kuan Yin
Oracle. Alana lives and breathes the divine, and she invites you to do the same
through her music, voice, meditations and writings so that you may live your
highest divine destiny this lifetime. 



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