Lucy Cavendish

Cavendish is a natural white witch who works with the elemental and celestial
realms. She works magic every single day of her life, embracing it as a creed
for personal fulfilment and happiness, and as a belief system that sees us as
part of nature, and thus gives us all the motivation to respect and revere and
delight in our unique experience here on Planet Earth.

Her work has been enjoyed and recommended by beings as diverse as Deepak
Chopra, Louise L. Hay and Fiona Horne.

Lucy Cavendish created Witchcraft magazine in 1992, the first magazine of its
kind in the world. She is a feature writer for Spellcraft Magazine, Spheres,
and has appeared in anthologies like Disinformation’s Pop Goes The Witch! She
appears regularly on mainstream and alternative television and radio,
explaining the Craft and demonstrating magicks and the power of intuition. She
is a classic book witch and adores writing and reading, listening to and
playing music, connecting with the wild and creating enchanted workshop
experiences. She is a founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia.
Lucy Cavendish lives in Sydney, Australia, with her pixie-like daughter, and
their menagerie of plants, animal companions, spirit beings and beloved


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