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Remedies For Helping the Pets You Love
Lila Devi

“Animals are sleeping immortals,” said Paramhansa Yogananda. This timeless text of natural pet care can help you, as a loving pet owner, to hasten their spiritual evolution.
 This treasury of holistic pet care wisdom honors our animal friends by enhancing the quality of their lives through natural remedies. Established in 1977, Spirit-in-Nature Essences is the oldest flower essence line within the U.S. and is inspired by the wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda. World acclaimed, their life changing benefits have proven true in three and a half decades of case studies, research, and testimonials.
With experiential wisdom and refreshing humor, Lila Devi - founder of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences, the oldest essence line in the U.S. - presents this treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of your pets' lives. Free from mental blocks, doubt, skepticism, and placebo effects, animals respond even more readily than people to flower essences: herbal tinctures that awaken your pets' most happy and positive behaviors. This fascinating guidebook is a must for animal lovers.
Learn How to Improve Your Animal Friends' Lives Through:
· ”Theme essences” for understanding their personalities—and yours!
· ”Plot essences” to help them adjust to the world of domestication, while supporting their Nature-based intelligence
· Handy reference charts to simplify essence selection.

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  • Published : 16/04/2010
  • ISBN : 9781565891005
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Crystal Clarity Publishers
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Alternative Therapies
  • Pages : 237
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