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The Living History of Family Dynamics in our Patterns of Relating
Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell's innovative exploration of the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour which run back through generations is enhanced by her unique adaptation of the genogram (a map utilised in family therapy) highlighting particular planetary placements and aspects that recur in families. Her often dramatic case material, presented in fascinating detail, is rich and revealing and we are gradually offered a profound vision of the intricately woven tapestry of the family matrix from which we spring and the ways in which we repeat - or transform - the astrological and psychological inheritance which each of us carries.
PLANETARY THREADS has two parts: Part One introduces the family of planets and the stories in form of case histories. It explores with the audience participation the planetary threads of the different combinations, like a Mars-Jupiter or a Moon-Pluto thread running in the family genogram or constellation. These threads of planetary combinations uncovers the myths, dramas and unconscious material that lies beneath the surface and is carried in the family story, connecting family members past and future to its history, along with its ghosts and skeletons that show up in relationship patterns and life events. In the Part Two the focus is on Siblings and Friends and the planets and houses that unravel the stories of our relationships and the experiences and patterns that are shown in the 3rd and 11th houses of the horoscope. The planets and planetary threads in these houses show patterns of how we relate and connect, express and communicate. Lynn Bell ends with the 11th house connection and its association with friendships and groups, freedom and future and by exploring the concept of the bonus daimon with friends as helpers and supporters for our growth.

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  • Published : 30/03/2013
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