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How to Ace the Wave of Change: 11 Principles For Embracing the Cosmic Shift
Dan Furst

Described by Rob Breszny, author or Pronoia, as “one of the best,” Dan Furst is internationally known as an expert on mythology, astrology, and prophecy.

In SURFING AQUARIES, he tells of how every 2100 years life on Earth comes under the influence of a different astrological sign: each Great Age bringing its own ruling symbols and patterns of meaning, its own technical innovations, political and social currents, organizational structures, and key ideas. Furst views 2012 and the coming “new age” as the beginning of a spiritual transformation when awakened human beings will create new societies based on Aquarian principles of inventive teamwork and empowered service to each other and to Mother Earth.

SURFING AQUARIES features the 11 Principles of the Aquarian Age: Revolution, Evolution, Unity, Friendship, Transparency, Magic, Comedy, Abundance, Electricity, Brilliance, and Freedom. Furst describes what life can be like in an Aquarian age:

- Aquarian economics won't be based on scarcity.
- Aquarian medicine won't be driven by big-budget pharmaceutical and insurance companies.
- Aquarian spirituality will be based on union, friendship, love, and celebration.
- Aquarian art will awaken us to use our power to help our friends, communities, and our planet.

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  • Published : 15/09/2011
  • ISBN : 9781578635016
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