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We Can Do It Better

Does anyone really think that politics is working - aside from those in power and behind it? Living in peace and harmony is a more natural condition than what we experience in today's conflict-driven world. We are community animals with built-in empathy, organising best from the bottom up. The most essential and reliable features of our culture arose without top-down planning by a state that has one basic objective - to stay in power. THE STATE IS OUT OF DATE reassures us that politics is not the primary game in town, though it may sometimes look like the only one. This is a book for anyone who wonders why politics isn't working and what would.

"Chaos theory" offers an alternative to government: things self-organising into working and stable systems, inexplicably organised from the bottom up. We see the consequences that top down control and regulation has had upon our food chain, the health of the nation and its citizens, the liabilities of corporations, our personal security and the next generation's education. They're not doing a very good job.

What can we do? Where can we go from here? THE STATE IS OUT OF DATE puts us on the right track by pointing peacefully forward rather than backwards. It is a manifesto that advocates self-selecting organisation over centralised government, common sense over the status quo.

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  • Published : 31/03/2014
  • ISBN : 9781938875069
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Disinformation Company Ltd
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Politics
  • Pages : 288
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