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The Complete Manual for the Twenty-First Century Bard
Kevan Manwaring

This complete manual for the Twenty-First Century Bard contains all you need to know to start you on the path of the bard. With experienced bard Kevan Manwaring as your reliable guide, you will find inspiration, enchant an audience with your words, learn the skills of story-telling and how to use magical words to bless, honour, heal and celebrate.

With an easy-to-follow 12 month self-study programme and week-by-week exercises and mini-lessons about bardic lore, this book will lead you along the Way of Awen. For ease of understanding as well as invoking inspiration, the book is divided into five parts corresponding to the elements of the Western Magical Tradition: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Through the ancient Celtic myths and legends, you will learn about Spirit, the Cauldron, the Crane Skin Bag, techniques and traditions, the light of foresight, the storehouse of memory, word magic and the uses of Gramarye, the illumination of song, invoking the Gods and using archetypes. You will hear the voice of the Trees and how to use words of power through runes and Ogham. You will learn about the Voice of the Ancestors and the Voice of the Stars - all by moving around the wheel of the year and using the Bardic calendar. Being a Twenty-First Century Bard, you will also hear the Voice of the World and use brainstorming, mindmapping, visualisation, sound effects and how to use movement and structure in performance.

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  • Published : 02/06/2006
  • ISBN : 9780906362679
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Gothic Image Publications
  • Size (mm): 168 x 240
  • Category: Celtic
  • Pages : 320
  • Edition : Reissue
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