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Unravelling the Story of the Two Poets
Peter Dawkins

The authorship of Shakespeare's plays has been the subject of endless debate through the ages. In his groundbreaking new book Peter Dawkins the internationally renowned author lecturer and Shakespearean scholar sheds new light on the many lingering questions about Shakespeare and his extraordinary works. His detailed research into Shakespeare's life and works his contemporaries and the more secret history of his time leads him inexorably to surprising conclusions. Unravelling the code and symbolism contained within the works is a fascinating voyage of discovery that reads like an Elizabethan political thriller. THE SHAKESPEARE ENIGMA contains new insights into the plays and poems and into the English Renaissance that followed the final break with Rome. Topics covered include: · Why did Shakespeare refer to himself as both your poets in sonnet 83? Are there really two poets two Shakespeares? · Why did contemporaries question the identity of the actor William Shakespeare as the author William Shakespeare and why is it still being questioned now? · Evidence from the plays shows that Shakespeare was widely travelled educated at Cambridge a lawyer and member of Gray's Inn a member of the royal court a parliamentarian and statesman and an expert on classical mythology and philosophy. The Shakespeare Monument at Stratford-upon-Avon declares that the author was like Nestor (a judge and statesman) Socrates (a philosopher) and Virgil (a scholar-poet). Strangely enough the actor William Shakespeare was none of these. So who wrote the plays and poems?

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  • Published : 07/05/2004
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