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How the Mystical Power of the Druid Tree Signs Can Transform Your Life
Phyllis Vega

According to Druid teaching thought to reach back to 500 BCE each tree has within it a dryad or magical tree spirit. Celtic astrology based on the mystical tree calendar in which the tree dryads represent the spiritual nature in human beings will help you gain new understanding of yourself and of others. All you need is the day and month of birth - yours or anyone else's - to find the corresponding tree sign to enhance the dynamics of your (or their) inner world: emotions feelings spirituality and the subconscious mind. The tree signs include: Birch (Dec 24 to Jan 20) Hawthorn (May 13 to Jun 9) Ivy (Sept 30 to Oct 27) Rowan (Jan 21 to Feb 17) Oak (Jun 10 to Jul 7) Reed (Oct 28 to Nov 24) Ash (Feb 18 to Mar 17) Holly (Jul 8 to Aug 4) Elder (Nov 25 to Dec 22) Alder (Mar 18 to Apr 14) Hazel (Aug 5 to Sept 1) The Nameless Day (Dec 23) Willow (Apr 15 to May 12) Vine (Sept 2 to Sept 29) No prior knowledge of astrology is needed to understand and use this book. Yet many people find that the interpretation of the traditional Zodiac is greatly enhanced by the addition of the tree signs and the new information they convey. CELTIC ASTROLOGY provides you with a comprehensive analysis of each tree sign and the Nameless Day of the Celtic calendar as well as each sun sign of the traditional zodiac.

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  • Published : 07/03/2005
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