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The Essential Guide to the People Places Events and Symbols of the Order of the Temple

Today as never before interest in the Knights Templar is growing exponentially especially since The Da Vinci Code. But who were these powerful knights of the Crusades? What is fact and what is fiction? And how did they become the wealthiest multinational corporation in the mediaeval West? A first of its kind KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ENCYCLOPEDIA presents in a convenient readable A-to-Z format the fascinating history behind the most famous military religious order of the Crusades - the Knights Templar. Written by leading Templar authority and mediaeval historian Dr. Karen Ralls this authoritative sourcebook of hundreds of entries features a wealth of information on the key Templar people places events symbols organisation daily life beliefs economic empire trial and more. The product of more than a decade of meticulous scholarly research this indispensable resource is for the general reader and specialist alike - for anyone in fact who is interested in the history and legacy of the powerful Knights Templar (1119-1312). KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ENCYCLOPEDIA includes photos and illustrations an extensive bibliography a historical time line and a list of major European Templar sites.

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  • Published : 02/02/2007
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