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Father of the Forest Spirit of Nature
Dr. Bob Curran Illustrated by Ian Daniels

Almost since the dawn of time the image of the Green Man - the carven enigmatic head surrounded by leaves and foliage - has both intrigued and mystified viewers and folklorists alike. Appearing in churches pubs and even on stately homes the carving seems shrouded in supernatural obscurity. Is it merely a fertility symbol or is it something much deeper which calls for a response from us all? Though it seems a predominantly Celtic icon does the concept of the Green Man also appear in other places and in other cultures? What is its relevance for the world today? In the absorbing new book WALKING WITH THE GREEN MAN Dr. Bob Curran traces the many strands that make up this enigmatic image. Tracing its origins from prehistoric times he explores its significance in the mediaeval world and discusses its development in the modern world. He also investigates the image's psychological appeal which has allowed it to continue down through the ages and pulling from a variety of sources its impact upon other cultures in various parts of the world. From heroic archetypes such as Robin Hood to Demigods such as Herne the Hunter; from the King of the Woods to the Jack in the Green WALKING WITH THE GREEN MAN examines the interconnection of man and Nature throughout history. Whether as a man amongst the trees a man of the trees or a symbol of Nature used to express secrets and solidarity the Green Man's visage is traced throughout lands and cultures.

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  • Published : 10/04/2007
  • ISBN : 9781564149312
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  • Imprint : New Page Books
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