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A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life
Helen Irlen

After three decades of revolutionising the treatment of dyslexia through the use of coloured lenses, educational pioneer, Helen Irlen, has turned her attention to children and adults who suffer from other learning disabilities. For the millions of people who must deal with ADHD/ADD, Asperger's syndrome, autism, depth perception problems, head injuries, strokes and Tourette's syndrome, as well as a host of other serious disorders, Irlen offers hope through a simple treatment. Her new book, THE IRLEN REVOLUTION, examines her programme's success in dealing with these life-altering disabilities.

THE IRLEN REVOLUTION begins with an overview of learning disabilities. This is followed by a look at the various standard treatments used to help the learning disabled. The book then examines the Irlen Method and presents the scientific basis of the programme. Finally, the author discusses the individual disabilities that prevent normal learning - what they are and how the Irlen approach may be used to treat them successfully.

Included is an extensive resource section that provides additional guidance for readers who want to learn more about the programme. When 60-Minutes featured a dyslexic child being "cured" of her learning disability with the Irlen Method, the world was introduced to a safe and effective tool to combat dyslexia. Now the battle lines have been expanded and the revolution has begun to help millions of people with other learning disabilities. For them, THE IRLEN REVOLUTION is just around the corner.

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  • Published : 30/10/2010
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