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An Alphabet Book
Gary Kowalski Illustrated by Rocco Baviera

Children and adults will delight in Earth Day, a poem of gratitude that celebrates earth's diverse species, from apricots to groundhogs to junebugs, from quahogs to zinnias, zucchini and zebras with bright and whimsical illustrations. In alphabetical order, the wonders of nature leap from the page, reminding readers that every day is a reason to give thanks and that miracles are as simple as ABC.

From the book:
We give thanks for the earth and its creatures, and are grateful from A to Z:
For alligators, apricots, acorns, and apple trees,
For bumblebees, bananas, blueberries, and beagles,
Coconuts, crawdads, cornfields, and coffee,
Daisies, elephants, and flying fish,
For groundhogs, glaciers, and grasslands,
Hippos and hazelnuts, icicles and iguanas,
For juniper, jackrabbits, and junebugs,
Kudzu and kangaroos, lightning bugs and licorice,
For mountains and milkweed and mistletoe,
Norwhals and nasturtiums, otters and ocelots,
For peonies, persimmons, and polar bears,
Quahogs and Queen Anne's Lace,
For raspberries and roses,
Salmon and sassafras, tornadoes and tulipwood,
Urchins and valleys and waterfalls,
For X (the unknown, the mystery of it all!)
In every yak and yam;
We are grateful, good Earth, not least of all
For zinnias, zucchini, and zebras,
And for the alphabet of wonderful things that are as simple as ABC.

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  • Published : 01/05/2009
  • ISBN : 9781558965423
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : Skinner House Books
  • Size (mm): 178 x 178
  • Category: Childrens
  • Pages : 32
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