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In Love, Justice and Truth

Spiritual teacher Barry Long's guidance for parents:
· Speak to your children intelligently from the earliest age.
· Don't ask them to do what you won't do yourself.
· Show them your love by always being open and honest.
In other words, demonstrate love, justice and truth in action, on a daily basis, where it counts most – in everyday family life.

This book contains over 150 conversations with parents and children about all kinds of family problems. The advice in each situation is specific, practical and always informed by deep spiritual knowledge.
· How to deal with excitable and demanding behaviour.
· How to address issues of bullying and violence.
· How to deal with Christmas.
· How to handle divorce or separation.
· How to help children cope with fear, conflict and death.
· How to ease the problems of adolescence.
· How the child's personality develops, why all children get unhappy
and where we have all been going wrong.

Reviews for the previous edition:
“Parents looking for a 'spiritual' guide to raising their children need look no further than Barry Long's extraordinary book.” - Natural Parent UK

“A new vision of family life.” – Caduceus, UK

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  • Published : 20/11/2008
  • ISBN : 9781899324132
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Barry Long Books
  • Size (mm): 138 x 216
  • Category: Parenting
  • Pages : 400
  • Edition : Reprint with new cover