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Procedures, Vignettes, Checklists and Tools to Increase Teaching and Reduce Suspensions
Catherine DeSalvo, Mike Meeks and Matthew Buckman

The screamers, fighters, practical jokers, rabble-rousers and all-around troublemakers need instruction, not a holiday. Use this comprehensive guide to create a successful alternative to ineffective out-of-school exclusion programmes.

The authors provide a blueprint for creating an in-school exclusion programme that gives students the best opportunity to overcome their challenges and find success. They explain how to create structure, use motivation and teach social skills so students remain engaged and connected to school. Several behavioural situations that typically lead to exclusion, including bullying, stealing and fighting, are highlighted and linked to specific social skills that address those behaviours. Checklists for setting up an effective in-school exclusion classroom, sample writing activities and worksheets for excluded students and an index of social skills with their behavioural steps are included on CD-rom.

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  • Published : 31/08/2016
  • ISBN : 9781934490990
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Boys Town Press
  • Size (mm): 216 x 279
  • Category: Childrens
  • Pages : 200
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