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Connecting with Your Child (The Family & World Health Series)
Jeff Goelitz & Elyse April

This is a book about conscious and conscientious child raising. Heart to Heart shares inspirational and yet practical information to help parents and caregivers of young children lessen their stress and establish healthier communication in their relationships with children. Uniquely, designed as a children's book, it encourages adults and children to consider together how they can deepen their bonds of love through care, active listening and genuine attention. Picture books as a medium for parenting education are particularly useful. They are fast and easy to read and generally light-hearted, a fact most appreciated by busy and overstressed parents.

Co-authored by Jeff Goelitz of the international Heart Math Institute, this book addresses issues that are integral to a child's sense of acceptance and security. In an age when bullying in the playground and at school assail our kids, and terrifying news reports bombard their lives, the need has never been greater for parents to commit themselves to giving the highest quality of care and attention to their children as is possible. Children need the sanctuary and safety that conscious parenting invites.

Twelve delightful illustrations of a hippo family mirror the spirit of each written page to communicate simple but powerful messages to the whole family. The backmatter embellishes some of the core concepts with more in-depth content and practices.

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  • Published : 01/10/2013
  • ISBN : 9781935387435
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Hohm Press
  • Size (mm): 152 x 216
  • Category: Childrens
  • Pages : 32
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