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A Call for a Compassionate Revolution
Sylvia Clute

We are in trouble. The social, financial, and religious institutions are crumbling. The criminal justice system is a prime example of society's dysfunction.

Courtroom veteran and law professor Sylvia Clute was burned out on the American system of justice. What she saw on a daily basis was all too often the miscarriage of justice. Because of her legal background, Clute focuses on legal horror stories to demonstrate her underlying thesis. The crisis in our legal system is merely symptomatic of a rot found in each of our institutions. It is rooted in a philosophy of dualism that pits us against one another. It is rooted in a philosophy that fails to recognize the oneness or unity of all life.

Taking a page from the Eckhart Tolle spiritual playbook, Clute unfolds her argument for applying the philosophy of non-duality to not only our criminal justice system, but to all social relationships. She explores the roots of dualist thinking in the religious traditions of the world and offers the hope that if individuals—and societies—can move beyond dualistic thinking, we will create a society that is truly just and authentically caring.

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  • Published : 31/05/2010
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