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Music, Mantra & Meditation with the Universal Mother
Alana Fairchild

Hear, feel and receive the grace of the Universal Mother through music, mantra, guided activations and meditations. Experience gentle Kuan Yin, powerful Tara, resourceful Mother Mary, magical Isis and the wild, dark grace of Kali. The sacred sounds, ancient prayers and soul-nurturing visualisations on this 4-disc compendium are a portal into the heart of the Cosmic Madonna, the multi-faceted Divine Mother of us all. She is many and she is one. She is the divine feminine presence that provides unending protection, resources and blessing.

Surrender into beautiful music and the soothing vocals of spiritual teacher, Alana Fairchild, be aligned with the frequencies of the sacred feminine and be supported as you awaken into truth, expression and purpose. THE KUAN YIN TRANSMISSION™ CD has been lovingly created to open you to the sanctuary and bliss that have and always will be available to you.

Invoke the goddess to empower your soul purpose, clear karmic obstacles and attract supreme blessings. Let your heart recognise that She holds you within her own.

Disc One: Music and mantra with the universal mother
Disc Two: Guided empowerments with the universal mother
Disc Three: Guided activation of the divine feminine essence
Disc Four: Guided healing meditations with the universal mother

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  • Published : 12/07/2019
  • ISBN : 794504720426
  • Format : CD -audio
  • Imprint : Blue Angel Publishing
  • Size (mm): 152 x 151
  • Category: Divination
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