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Betty Lundsted

Betty Lundsted's overview of astrological symbolism takes you beyond dependence on astrology cookbooks and enables you to look at a person's chart and see the formative energies in that person's development as well as their potential. She shows the familial male-female patterns in the zodiacal signs and the potentials they hold in combination with the planetary energies and house symbolism. You can see the paternal/male influences in the Sun Saturn and occupants/rulers of the fourth house; the maternal/female influences in the Moon Venus and the 10th house. It is a fact that our personalities are strongly influenced by what was happening around us when we were infants and whether our needs were met. In the snapshot of our natal chart lie the clues to what was going on when we were born for our natal chart is our parent's transit chart. We are not fated to live with our childhood dynamics forever and at some point in order to become adults we must move beyond laying blame on our parents. Lundsted helps us identify the strengths revealed in the chart that we can cultivate in order to balance out weaknesses and setbacks and become fully realized individuals. She also shows us that the typically classified difficult or hard aspects in the chart actually hold the key to our transformation.

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  • Published : 26/10/2004
  • ISBN : 9780892540983
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