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Remedies, Magick and Folklore
Rev. Paul V. Beyerl

This book will show you how to discover the 'virtues' of a gem, the basic nature of a stone as it relates to one's life.

The reference lists and tables make this a wonderful guide to discovering the many choices you have available from birth stones, anniversaries and much more. Stones may be cross referenced with planets and the signs of the zodiac and, by using the wealth of information available, you can discover the 'magick' of each stone and the ways in which we can use their natural energy to change our self image and affect our reality.

The book contains:
· Scientific and mineralogical information
· Information about a stone's composition
· Discover what gives a stone its particular appearance and energy
· Includes historical lore, biblical lore and folk lore ...
· Covers 77 gems and minerals in detail, from A to Z (Adamant
to Zircon)

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  • Published : 26/05/2011
  • ISBN : 9780965568739
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Hermits Grove
  • Size (mm): 138 x 216
  • Category: Magic
  • Pages : 240
  • Edition :