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How to Use Crystal Balls Water Fire Wax Mirrors Shadows and Sprit Guides to Reveal Your Destiny
Cassandra Eason

Scrying means seeing magical images in a reflective medium such as a crystal ball mirror or natural source of inspiration like fire water or clouds. The word scry derived from the Anglo-Saxon word descry means to perceive dimly. Scrying in shiny surfaces has been practised in almost every culture and time not only by mystics clairvoyants and magicians but also by every girl who has gazed into a mirror and hoped to see her lover's face in the glass. Though it is one of the most ancient ways of predicting the future scrying is as relevant today as when our distant ancestors gazed into pools by moonlight to locate the herds - it does not conflict with modern scientific knowledge or psychology. SCRYING THE SECRETS OF THE FUTURE offers practical hands-on guidance to using a wide variety of methods from many cultures and ages - from Ancient Egypt the Aztecs and Mayans and Classical Greece and Rome to Mediaeval European magicians village wise women and 21st century coffee-shop divination. Discussion of each method includes its history and cultural background traditional practices and how to adapt these techniques to the needs of the modern world and everyday decision making. This unique book will help you: · Learn to see and interpret images in many forms including wax herbs and oils on water crystal balls and candles shadows and dark mirrors. · Explore additional techniques of clairaudience psychic hearing and clairsentience and psychic impressions to make your scrying multi-dimensional. · Discover how to prepare yourself psychically find the best scrying tools empower them ensure you are protected spiritually as you work and how to close down your psychic energies after divination.

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  • Published : 17/02/2007
  • ISBN : 9781564149084
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