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A New System of Divination Based on Ancient Universal Symbols and Worldwide Traditions
Mary McNaughton

Dinner plates a hammer and box of nails suitcases - our modern life is full of images all of which can be viewed with their literal purpose in mind: to eat to build to pack. These same images however can also be viewed symbolically - the plates telling us that we need spiritual nourishment the hammer reminding us that we have the tools to obtain it and the suitcase indicating that our search will require some travel. The 101 one inch square tiles of SYNCHRO-SIGNS make up an ingenious new system of divination that enables us to connect to our day-to-day world of images on an intuitive level learning to decipher the often hidden meaning of our lives. Inspired by the classic divination systems of the I Ching Runes and Tarot as well as the symbology of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell SYNCHRO-SIGNS distils the esoteric wisdom of these systems into everyday images that when properly illuminated can act as a mirror reflecting the desires and wisdom of our deepest selves back to our rational mind. Raw and primitive SYNCHRO-SIGNS are purposefully reminiscent of ancient cave paintings and glyphs touching on a long-ago past when we operated on instinct and intuition aware of and in harmony with the order of the universe. The symbols on the SYNCHRO-SIGNS tiles are designed to activate this slumbering connection to the past in our modern frenzied souls that search for authentic and personal spiritual insight. Mary McNaughton is a self-taught artist pianist and composer who has spent much of the past seven years living in Britain and in particular the Findhorn community in Scotland.

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  • Published : 30/08/2003
  • ISBN : 9781571743886
  • Format : Mixed media product
  • Imprint : Hampton Roads Publishing
  • Size (mm): 133 X 184
  • Category: Divination
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