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The Oracle of the Cosmic Way
Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog

This new I Ching differs from other versions of the ancient text in that it reveals the underlying Cosmic Principles of Harmony that are contained in each hexagram. Thus, the reader is able to clearly understand the causes of the good fortune or misfortune mentioned in the oracle text; he is then able, through the oracles counsel, to quickly correct his part in any adverse situation. As he brings his thoughts and attitudes into harmony with the Cosmos, he experiences that the Cosmos is entirely beneficent, and ready to aid him in all that he does.

This I Ching was written under the guidance of the Sage, the voice that speaks through the I Ching oracle.
Once freed to speak for itself, the Sage wanted to expand beyond all previous commentaries. The consequence was that the whole I Ching became integrated around several main themes, the principle one being that the Cosmos achieves its duration through its Principles of Harmony. Moreover, the chief Cosmic energy (called chi by the Chinese) is love. The oracle sayings themselves, with few exceptions, remained as written in the Richard Wilhelm translation from the Chinese.

The purpose of consulting the oracle is to inquire, before an undertaking, whether we are in accord with these Cosmic Principles of Harmony, in regard to the situation at hand. When our view of the situation, or attitude about it meets with the words ’success,’ or ’good fortune,’ we are being assured that we will be supported by the invisible helping forces of the Cosmos. When our attitude is not in harmony, the oracle predicts ’misfortune,’ meaning that these helping forces will not support what we do. The answers of the oracle are not to be taken as fortune-telling, but as reflecting the Cosmic consequences of an attitude that is not in harmony; in effect, all things not in harmony with these principles are bound to fail. All counsel given by the I Ching is directed toward helping us return to harmony with the Cosmos. In the light of these principles we will be able to recognize particular mistaken ideas that are the cause of the misfortune. This book is the first I Ching oracle that shows how to deprogram the obstructing ideas, and thus enable us to reunite with the Cosmic Harmony.

Also presented in this book is an innovative method of communicating directly with the Sage that speaks through the I Ching. This method allows us to clarify its message to the point where we have reached an adequate understanding. Regularly consulting the I Ching in this way leads to clarifying insights into our life’s purpose, and to a pronounced increase in our creativity. It was through this method, in combination with meditations and dreams, that the Sage gave the authors the completely new perspective on the nature of the Cosmos, human nature, and the place of humans within the Cosmic Whole described here. Rather than presenting us with fixed answers to every problem, this I Ching allows the Sage to show us the path by which we can return to harmony, and thereby achieve success that endures.

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  • Published : 25/11/2002
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