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Sasha Fenton

The Moon sign in astrology reveals the hidden inner aspect of your nature and it often shows why you react as you do when trouble strikes or when your instincts kick in

· The Moon sign connects to mother figures, motherhood and females in your circle
· The Moon sign explains why your emotions and inner feelings and desires may be different from your Sun sign or some other part of your astrological profile
· The Moon relates to property, premises and domestic matters of all kinds

The position of the Moon in our birth chart affects our deepest requirements, and our innermost needs. It governs our unconscious motivations, our habits and the way we react to others, so it often influences the way we succeed or fail in relationships. It dominates our home and family life and even our attitude to food and drink. It has a historical feel, in that it can reveal something about your family history and your unconscious beliefs.

Sasha Fenton's Moon Signs contains everything you need to locate your own natal Moon position, and even to use predictive techniques such as transits and progressions, and all this without needing any other astrological equipment at all.

Originally published very successfully in the 1980s, Sasha has revised, updated and fully modernised this edition, including fresh material and several completely new chapters.

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  • Published : 01/03/2009
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