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Your Character and Destiny, the Chinese Way
Sasha Fenton

Until recently, the Flying Stars system was better known by its Japanese name, “The Nine Star Ki”, but it started life in China, where it is now known as “The Flying Stars”.

· The Flying Stars method is a numerology system that grew out of a long-lost and very ancient form of Chinese astrology that is reputed to be over 4,000 years old
· The Flying Stars system shows you how to read character and destiny without having to learn complicated techniques, because everything you need is right here in this book
· It can be used to predict the future and to assess one's chances for love, wealth, career success or health

The system originated in China and eventually spread to Japan and then on to the West. It's had various names but the best known is the Japanese name, “The Nine Star Ki”. The system concerns the numbered square that is familiar to those who are into Feng Shui, and in both systems, it's called The Magic Square.

This numerology system can be used to describe a person's character and their potential for luck, health, happiness and love. It can be used to give a reading for the year ahead and also for the month ahead, and it is surprisingly accurate. As the two systems are related to each other, Sasha also brings in Feng Shui to show how to improve life in your home and workplace.

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  • Published : 01/03/2010
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