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Opening the Heart to the Divine through Dreams and Dream Work
Barbara Black Koltuv

Jungian analyst Barbara Black Koltuv evokes the image of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as a place of dreams and knowing God.

Dr. Koltuv has studied the Torah, Jewish mysticism and biblical Hebrew for many years and shares her knowledge and insights in this engaging book. She shows how important dreams and dream work are in the experience of intimately knowing and healing ones self. Dreams are God's gift to us. Dreams give us a symbol system and a personal soul language by which we can know our whole self. Dr. Koltuv teaches us how to use dream work to find meaning, renewal and healing from the essential divine within.

• A practising Jungian analyst, the author presents actual dream
journals as case studies for her exploration into divine dream work.
• Brings together the mystic and the scholar, connecting the biblical
stories of the relationship between man and God in the Old
Testament to finding the divine within ourselves.
• Explores the Song of Songs, the Indwelling Shekhina, Kabbalah,
Creation, the power of words and the Hebrew letters and their

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  • Published : 28/04/2011
  • ISBN : 9780892541515
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