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A Practical Guide for Emotional Healing Through Transformative Mythic Journeys
David Gordon

Ancient and modern masters alike have shown us that mindfulness is the direct
path to emotional healing and spiritual awakening. In Mindful Dreaming,
psychologist David Gordon shows how every dream corresponds to one of the
four universal stages of healing and growth that Joseph Campbell called the
Mythic Journey—the Calling, Quest, Illumination, and Return—our “search for
bliss.” Dreams teach us to recognize the spiritual lessons of each phase of the
Journey and urge us to learn ten perennial steps to mindfulness taught by
spiritual traditions throughout the millennia.

A breakthrough in the field of mindfulness practice and dreamwork, Mindful
Dreaming teaches you the simple language of dreams and how they promote
mindfulness in our everyday lives. Dreams prompt us to become mindful of
distraction and embrace the value of solitude. Relaxing our grip on control, our
dreams open us to guidance from the Source. Helping us see through the illusion
of permanence, they teach us to release attachments and grieve the limitations
and losses that life imposes. Mindful of our destructive rush to judgment, our
dreams move us to embrace compassion for our own suffering—not just that of

Finally, dreams teach us mindfulness of our impatience so that we may live more
consciously and awake in the present moment.

Relying on thought-provoking exercises and abundant examples from the
life-changing dreams of the author, his clients and friends, Mindful Dreaming
demonstrates how dreams provide a non-judgmental and compassionate mirror
that reflect our ongoing progress on the Journey to mindfulness. Mindful
dreaming leads us to overcome the emotional blocks that keep us feeling stuck
and conflicted in love relationships, frustrated in work, or stagnating in our
creative goals.

Currently Membership Chair for the International Association for the Study of
Dreams, David Gordon, Ph.D. has been in private practice since 1973 when he
obtained his doctoral degree from Case Western Reserve University in
Cleveland, Ohio. During the past twenty years he has presented workshops, led
dreamsharing groups and hosted a call-in radio program Dreamworks. Dr.
Gordon has lectured on the topic of dreams, myth, and spirituality at his
Dreamwork Institute in Norfolk, Virginia, and throughout the United States and

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