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Jacqueline Towers

A quick and easy guide to dreams and what they mean, using a combination of modern psychological ideas and ancient dream meanings, and here are a couple of dream meanings to whet your appetite

· Dreaming of adultery indicates problems in your love life that are causing you great concern and it's a warning that you should not confide your fears to new friends, as they will betray your confidence
· Doing embroidery yourself indicates happiness and contentment, but if others are embroidering, there is deception around you
· A lion in your dream foretells that you will have the leadership qualities you need to succeed, but if you heard a lion roar, you will have to deal with a jealous associate

Jackie opens with a short introduction covering the history and background to dream interpretation, including some of the biblical events. She explains such things as rapid eye movements (REM) lucid dreams and she says a few words about the psychology of dreams, especially according to Carl Jung and others. Jackie even explains the ancient idea of converse dreams, where the dream means the opposite of what it appears to be saying, such as dreaming of death, which actually means transformation and rebirth.

The bulk of the book is nothing more or less than a very useful dream dictionary, but it is nicely illustrated and presented, and it makes a nice present for those who want something that isn't hard to understand and that isn't “occult” in nature.

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  • Published : 01/09/2005
  • ISBN : 9781903065426
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