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"He lived like a hermit for years sometimes sleeping more than 20 hours a dream more and more...he didn't speak to anyone and remained silent and while having as many as 50 dreams per night. Everyone thought he had gone crazy. Then one day, he started to share and write about his dream experience..."
That was in 1995, when Kaya, who was poised for super-stardom having been a childhood prodigy whose career began at 7. By 27, he was a major recoding artist with multiple awards and accolades, fame, fortune - his records selling in excess of a million. He was about to sign a new and major multi-million dollar recording deal with SONY when he dramatically abandoned his career. Inspired by a series of visions he turned his attention entirely onto his spiritual path and retreated to the Laurentian Mountains of Canada devoting himself to intensively meditating and refining his understanding of the language of dreams.
KAYA is considered to be one of the greatest specialists of our time in the understanding and teaching of how to interpret dreams and signs. He is a Bestselling Author and International Speaker and his approach and journey are truly unique…He explains, “My questioning was so intense that I could have gone crazy. For years, in a life of solitude, I studied the symbols from every angle, like a mathematician trying to decode an enigma. But the real enigma was me… I had to understand my fears, my joys, and my weaknesses that were appearing in the form of symbols, both in my dreams and in my daily life. I found one of the first keys the day I told myself, ‘If everything I see and know can appear in my dreams, then the physical and metaphysical worlds share the same symbols.’ There was a code… Now, I know the code…”

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  • Published : 01/08/2016
  • ISBN : 9782923654119
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