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Harnessing Nature's Most Dangerous Plant Ally
Kenaz Filan

Few plant allies have a history as long and well-documented as Papaver somniferum, the celebrated and infamous opium poppy. For thousands of years people around the world have been unable to resist the poppy's siren song of intoxicating pleasure, pain relief and visionary states - so much so that this potent plant has literally adapted itself to human civilisation: in increasing its intoxicating properties, it came to rely solely on humankind for its propagation.

From 6,000-year-old poppy seeds found in archaeological digs in Europe to the black tar heroin factories of South America and the modern 'War on Drugs,' Kenaz Filan explores the history of this enduring plant and its many derivatives - including opium, morphine, oxycodone, methadone and fentanyl - as well as its symbiotic relationship with humans as medicine, food, intoxicant and visionary tool. Profiling 11 famous users including Thomas de Quincey, William S. Burroughs, Lou Reed and DJ Screw, Filan examines how opium and other poppy derivatives inspired them as well as the high price it exacted for its inspiration. Covering techniques of cultivation, extraction and safe consumption along with methods for overcoming addiction and staying 'clean,' this book offers a sensible approach to the poppy that recognises the plant not as a crop to be harvested or eradicated but as a living, sentient ally that can offer healing or harm and must be approached with respect and caution.

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  • Published : 31/03/2011
  • ISBN : 9781594773990
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Park Street Press
  • Size (mm): 153 x 229
  • Category: Drugs
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"An eminently readable book, this examination of the poppy's contribution to humankind, for both good and ill, belongs on every shelf." - Marlene Y. Satter ForeWord Reviews (February) "If you are at all interested in knowing more about this entheogen I encourage you to read "The Power of the Poppy: Harnessing Nature's Most Dangerous Plant Ally." . . . The writing is concise and understandable, giving the reader a better understanding to use the poppy with reverence or learn the cautionary details." - Irene Watson for Reader Views "Kenaz Filan's well-researched compilation of Poppy's history, uses, constituents, derivatives, and personal accounts will more than inform you about this powerful plant--it will invite you to deeply consider the price one pays for such a potent ally." Pam Montgomery, herbalist and author of Plant Spirit Healing "The Power of the Poppy is truly a magnificent book. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of psychoactives, the drug war, or a personal relationship with powerful plant allies." Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of The Secret Teachings of Plants "The Power of the Poppy offers a frank and precise analysis of the mystical, chemical, and social aspects of a plant that has fascinated humans for millennia. Readers will gain the data they need to make informed decisions." Elizabeth Barrette, author of Composing Magic