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A Personal Narrative about Three Months in the Amazon, Ayahuasca and Old Stories
Manuela Stoerzer

This is an attempt to explain from a soul perspective, how mind and emotions work and influence and how any situation, problem and trauma can be perceived in different ways and create distortions and false beliefs.  It, also, suggests how this drama can be healed once we realise who we really are.

A strong gut feeling led Manuela to volunteer at an Ayahuasca Healing Resort in the Amazon Rainforest. Within a few weeks, she leaves her home in Mallorca to travel to Peru. The plan was, to interpret for foreigners and shamans before and after ceremonies and learn from shamans and visitors. She ended up staying 3 months and participating during 19 ceremonies herself.

Through her experiences she concluded that what you think is true, is just what you think is true - a story - an interpretation though the filters of the mind.

It is important to explain that other people's experiences are other people's experiences and nothing more. What that means for one person, is not what it means for another. Everybody has their own perspective, frames of mind, background and path. And yet, we have very similar mechanisms going and we are made of the same stuff. Sometimes, being understanding and compassionate with others can help to apply the same kindness to ourselves.

Her message: Be yourself, not your story!

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  • Published : 25/10/2019
  • ISBN : 9781940265742
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  • Imprint : Ozark Mountain Publishing
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