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A Guide to Understanding and Using Herbal Medicinals

Rainforests contain an amazing abundance of plant life-just two and a half acres of the Amazon rainforest are believed to house approximately 900 tons of plants. What's most exciting is that scientists and researchers have only just begun to uncover the medicinal qualities of these plants - treasures of nature that offer new approaches to health and healing. THE HEALING POWER OF RAINFOREST HERBS is a valuable guide to these herbs and their uses. Detailing more than fifty rainforest plants THE HEALING POWER OF RAINFOREST HERBS is the result of years of extensive research by naturopath Leslie Taylor. In it she explains the medicinal properties of each herb and the natural chemicals involved as well as preparation instructions. The author has also included the history of the herbs' use by indigenous peoples and their current usage by natural health practitioners throughout the world. Helpful tables provide a quick guide for choosing the most useful plants for specific ailments. Illustrations of plants and recipes for herbal remedies complete the wealth of information found in this resource. THE HEALING POWER OF RAINFOREST HERBS is a unique book that offers a blend of ancient and modern knowledge in an accessible reference guide. It incorporates the healing practices of shamans with scientific research for anyone seeking to discover the medicinal secrets of the rainforest.

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  • Published : 14/04/2005
  • ISBN : 9780757001444
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