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Life and Writings
J B Craven

This book provides an excellent introduction for the serious student of alchemy via the works of Count Michael Maier (1568 - 1622) one of the giants of the Alchemical Renaissance of the early 17th Century. Maier's Atalanta Fugiens and Themis Aurea transcend their era and continue to inspire today's students of alchemy. But Maier's many other works remain virtually unknown - to our loss for he was a champion of Rosicrucianism as well as a spiritual alchemist of the highest calibre. Reverend J.B. Craven had access to important source works on Michael Maier and his writings many of which were unavailable in English. In this collection first published in 1914 Craven provides a biography of Maier; traces his career as a physician; his associations with Dr Robert Fludd Sir William Paddy and Sir Thomas Smith; and his pursuit of alchemy as both a science for transmuting lead into gold and a metaphor for spiritual attainment. This book is the only one to analyse all of Maier's work in depth and demystify many of the alchemical symbols and allusions in Maier's texts. R.A. Gilbert's Foreword details J.B. Craven's life writings and his role in illuminating the mysterious practice of alchemy.

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  • Published : 08/07/2004
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