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An Adepts Guide to Masterful Magick
Patricia Telesco

Do you find yourself ready to get beyond the basic magickal books and teachings? This book is written specifically for the spiritual seeker who is striving for growth and is aiming toward enlightenment in the here and now through responsible life-affirming creative magick. AN ENCHANTED LIFE begins with a moment of introspection - urging you to pause and consider where your Path has taken you thus far and if you're truly ready to take the next steps toward adept living. In this transformational moment each person honours his or her journey and destination and prepares for the challenges ahead. Within the framework of the paths of Healer Teacher Warrior and Visionary this book provides the reader with sensible ideas and activities to challenge the spirit including: · Defining true awareness · Learning to use the senses to augment magickal processes and improve insight · Determining the magickal arts best suited to your goals and growth The road to magickal mastery is lifelong and the information here is but one step on that journey. The book is designed as a helpmate that guides the reader to move at his or her own pace using personal vision as a guide and guru.

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  • Published : 07/03/2005
  • ISBN : 9781564145666
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Career Press
  • Size (mm): 133 X 210
  • Category: Magic
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