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A Story of Resistance, Leadership & Courage
Marty Brounstein

Eta Chait, a young Jewish woman, lived with her parents and siblings in Lukow, Poland. In 1939, the country was invaded by Nazi Germany marking the start of World War Two. Under the Nazis' brutal occupation, the Jews of Poland were rounded up, and segregated into ghettos. As the situation worsened, Eta joined a resistance group within the ghetto to escape. After fleeing, she returned to help free the rest of her family with unexpected consequences.
From that moment, Eta's mission was clear¯she would do everything she could to defeat the Nazis and save as many Jews as possible. Eta quickly joined an all-Jewish armed resistance unit, which was part of the Polish Partisan fighters made up of Jews and non-Jews.
To change from daughter into the role of a young soldier is no easy transition; however, this heroic evolution is at the heart of Eta Chait's story. WOMAN OF VALOR follows her journey, from the horrors of the ghetto into the hardships of survival in the woods under the most extreme conditions. And then through her eyes as a fighter, we witness the struggles and fears of those who were trapped by the Holocaust.

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  • Published : 21/04/2021
  • ISBN : 9780757005039
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